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Brian Ellis
21st March 2009, 08:07
First of all, look at this video:


It shows two students being beaten up by ten Cyprus policemen. Both students were hospitalised with severe facial and abdominal injuries, after their release.

The victims made a complaint and a few days later, it transpired that someone had videoed the entire incident. The cops were suspended on half-pay.

Secondly, it came to the criminal court, where the 10 cops were charged with a whole host of felonies, I think about 35 between them in all.

Thirdly, it came to trial on Thursday, before three judges (no jury). All 10 cops were acquitted of all charges, were set free and will undoubtedly be reinstated with restitution of their full back pay plus compensation. The Attorney General was refused the right, in an intervention, to consult the Supreme Court about the pretended grounds for acquittal (that the video could not be proved to be validly acceptable as evidence).

Fourthly, there were street protests yesterday, very widely mentioned in all the newspapers, with several pages devoted to the apparent injustice.
Black page in the history of Cypriot justice (http://www.cyprus-mail.com/news/main.php?id=44719&cat_id=1)
The police can now hurt us and get away with it’ (http://www.cyprus-mail.com/news/main.php?id=44720&cat_id=1)
Confidence in police at an all-time low (http://www.cyprus-mail.com/news/main.php?id=44722&cat_id=1)
Justice setting a precedent for citizens to be beaten by police (http://www.cyprus-mail.com/news/main.php?id=44728&cat_id=1)
Protests at Cyprus police beating verdict (http://www.famagusta-gazette.com/default.asp?sourceid=&smenu=69&twindow=Default&mad=No&sdetail=8101&wpage=1&skeyword=&sidate=&ccat=&ccatm=&restate=&restatus=&reoption=&retype=&repmin=&repmax=&rebed=&rebath=&subname=&pform=&sc=2350&hn=famagusta-gazette&he=.com)
'Cyprus is a Banana Republic, rejoice in your justice system' (http://www.famagusta-gazette.com/default.asp?sourceid=&smenu=69&twindow=Default&mad=No&sdetail=8095&wpage=1&skeyword=&sidate=&ccat=&ccatm=&restate=&restatus=&reoption=&retype=&repmin=&repmax=&rebed=&rebath=&subname=&pform=&sc=2350&hn=famagusta-gazette&he=.com)

Dr Mordrid
21st March 2009, 22:12
Here the form of trial (judge only or trial by jury with the judge controlling the action) is the choice of the defendant. In a case like this they would want to stay as far from a jury as possible - juries don't like videotape like that....not at all. Indirect evidence is one thing, but making a jury an eyewitness to the act almost guarantees conviction.

Deliberation would take as long as it takes to assign a foreman & take the first ballot.

Brian Ellis
22nd March 2009, 05:09
And it hasn't stopped there. Read what a former judge of the European Court of Human Rights said:
Former ECHR judge says cops’ acquittal ‘stupid and absurd’ (http://www.cyprus-mail.com/news/main.php?id=44755&cat_id=1)

And the Chairman of the Parliamentary Legal Committee:
Time to bring justice up to scratch (http://www.cyprus-mail.com/news/main.php?id=44754&cat_id=1)

I guess we haven't heard the last of this case -- at least, I hope we haven't.

Dr Mordrid
22nd March 2009, 09:59
The judge etc. are 100% correct and I hope the trial judge gets some 're-education' in common sense, something a lot of jurists are all too short of these days.