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Brian R.
20th January 2000, 21:32
Here's a blurb I got from OCP:

"Kyle over at the Hard OCP sends word that he got a notice from several computer peripheral vendors stating that they got legal warnings from AMD lawyers saying they could not sell overclocked Athlon processor kits, as that action infringes on AMD copyrights and Patents.

Its incredible how companies can shoot themselves in the foot so easily for not thinking about their actions.. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif Athlon processors have been extremely popular with consumers because:

A They cost less than equal speed Intel processors
B They perform better than equally-matched Intel processors on most situations
C They are excellent overclockers
D Their technology is pretty much superior to Intel's current designs

They owe their recent financial success to the huge popularity the Athlons have gained with users. Putting a stop to the overclocking potential of the processor now would ultimately hurt them where it hurts the most; finances..."

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20th January 2000, 23:57

It's because of the argument C you brought out.
Just think of how much money they will loose if people keep overclocking those 500 models to some 700-800? That simply means that 'no-one' will buy their 700-800 models unless they want 1000Mhz (oc'd).

So that boils down to AMD loosing money from one 'upgrading step' while users are able to oc their current CPU to a level when most of them would have bought a new CPU.

Sounds very reasonable to me. It's a huge pile of money we are talking about here..


21st January 2000, 05:30
But Kryotech can sell overclocked systems because they are in bed with AMD.

I think that the whole thing is silly. The percent of people that buy overclock sets off the net is so small compared to the OEM market I am surprised they even bothered. AMD really needs to keep the hard core community happy since most of us are the people that the average consumer comes to for PC buying advice.

Piss us off and our business goes elsewhere.


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Brian R.
21st January 2000, 07:42
I'll bet their lawyers talked someone into this. AMD certainly won't loose a significant amount of income from ocers. Considering the huge numbers Compaq probably sells in their non-overclockable computers.
That brings up another interesting question. Is Greebe's device able to oc a Compaq Athlon system? or a Gateway?

Maybe this is the rub.

21st January 2000, 09:43
Although I confess that I haven't read that article, I do know that AMD is going after people who are overclocking the processors and not telling anyone. I'm in favor of that, it's fighting fraud.

Brian R.
21st January 2000, 10:48
I was under the impression they were talking about above-board overclocking kits like Greebe's. Maybe you're right. Maybe they're really only going after undisclosed overclockers.

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21st January 2000, 14:46
If they are against people over-clocking by de-soldering and re-soldering resistors on the board you understand there concern. If I was them I wouldn't be to keen on people attacking my processors with soldering irons! I can't see a problem with people using GFD's to over-clock there Athlon's because they are less likely to bugger them up. Intel's attempts to deter over-clocking haven't really had much affect and I reckon if AMD are planning on doing something to stop over-clocking then someone somewhere will find a way to get around it.