View Full Version : Has anyone heard of Kingmax memory

5th January 2000, 05:32
I recently purchased 128 mb pc133 to join my pc100 already in my system, I was thinking it was Kingston when come to find out its actually Kingmax. I have put it in bank 0 in hopes to O/C my system a bit more. Right now my bus is at 112 and hoping to bump it to 133 on my P2b board. Has anyone had any experience with this memory before? www.kingmax.com (http://www.kingmax.com) thanks!

Asus P2b(1010),P3 450,128 mb pc100,Matrox G400 DH,Asus 50x,Iomega zip,Mitsumi CDR,Ibm 10 gb hd,Sb Live,Win 98

5th January 2000, 06:22
Sorry, never heard of them.


5th January 2000, 08:16
Nope, neither have I. Sounds like a play on the Kingston name just to get sales, which may mean it's cheap and nasty. Only time will tell I guess.


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