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19th October 2008, 07:09

I have finally decided to make the jump and get a htpc.
A first question I have: in what way is it possible to for instance schedule recordings without having to turn on the TV?
I can imagine that doing that is no problem with a htpc case that as a 7" touchscreen, like the Zalman HD160XT (http://zalman.co.kr/ENG/product/Product_Read.asp?idx=193), but what are the options with a case that just has a VFD?
(I really like the HFX Classic (http://www.hifiatx.com/hfx.php?lang=EN))

I wouldn't mind getting a decent touchscreen remote (Logitech Harmony 1000, Philips Pronto tsu9600, ...) if that could do this... There are remotes that double as Windows Sideshow devices: could they be used to schedule recordings? It would be nice if they could also show album art of a playing track...


20th October 2008, 07:23
You might be able to use a PDA (Like a Dell Axim X51) over 802.11a/b/g/n. You'd setup a
webserver on your system that schedules your recordings. I believe MythTV allows web

There are also a few Nokia devices (I think the N700/N800?) that have been used as remote
controllers. It runs a program that connects wirelessly to your server and contols things through
that. You'd even get a copy of the UI you'd see on your main screen on the deivce. But I'm not
sure of the specifics. You'd have to do some google-ing.


22nd October 2008, 00:37
I know I can remote-desktop using my WM6 mobile, it also works as a sideshow device. But as I can't run media center (videocard not supported, but I also don't have a tuner), I can't test it.

But I was wondering more if there are true remotes out there (rather than using devices not meant for it)... Marantz and Philips make nice devices, but the media center support looks iffy...


22nd October 2008, 10:18
I don't think there would be any really way for something like a Philips Pronto to really do what
you are looking for as it requires 2-way communication. But it has been a while since I looked
at those devices. There are also the ULTRA expensive whole house remote control systems
that might have the functionality you are looking for, but those usually require a computer for
the remote system itself.

Are you looking to use Windows Media Center? Or something else?

22nd October 2008, 11:30
The new Pronto devices are two way, they connect via wifi... There is some MediaCenter support, but seems odd...

Nothing urgent, I was thinking either MediaCenter or MediaPortal... But I was curious to see what the options are. I figured it might help me decide between a htpc case with touchscreen tft or not (no good solutions yet: tft might be more interesting; good solutions: tft is less important).


22nd October 2008, 13:58
If you plan on going the MediaCenter route, you can look into using WebGuide (http://www.asciiexpress.com/)

Its no longer in development (developer went over to the dark side RE: Microsoft bought him out), but it has a semi-decent front end that you can use via WM or anywhere else (web interface which I use it frequently) on my Windows MCE 2005 HTPC box. It lets you set recordings and what not.

He was working on the Windows Vista MCE release and got fairly far into it, but I can't say for sure how good the Vista support is.

Good luck!

23rd October 2008, 01:50
If you plan on going the MediaCenter route, you can look into using WebGuide (http://www.asciiexpress.com/)
I just came across it, and wanted to post it in this thread... :eek:

As a mobile, I have a Windows Mobile device (which is sideshow compatible), and as it turns out there now is a MediaCenter Sideshow gadget:

But I also have a Nokia S60 device I'd like to use for it... The webguide seems to make that possible. :up:


28th October 2008, 03:50
:bulb: A digital photoframe that supports wifi and has an embedded webbrowser (and such devices exist) could me a nice control panel for a mediacenter pc....
(this of course brings us pretty close to the already suggested Nokia stuff.....)

Samsung has photo frames that work as a usb monitor... That could be interesting as well...


28th October 2008, 06:44
Do the wifi digital photoframes have touchscreens?

Sounds suspiciously like a tablet. Which would be another idea.
Doesn't have to be powerful as it would be using a web browser.


28th October 2008, 07:56
There is a new Sony (VFP-CP1) which is said to embed an Opera browser.

A quick glance at the other touchscreen photo frames seems to suggest they lack a full webbrowser and are limited in the webcontent they can show.

Aestetically, using a photoframe for this puprose would like nice though... :)


8th December 2008, 00:43
Found another web-based control: ngRC (next-gen Remote Control)


It is listed on sourceforge...