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31st December 1999, 11:59
Ok, now that I've got my G400MAX working correctly, I want to up the speed of my cpu. I'm using an IWILL XA100 mobo and a K6(2) 300. Sorry, I posted it as a K6 (1) before, but now that I've become "more intimate" with the inards of my comp I've realized my mistake... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif Ok, I can get it up to 338 no prob (Jumpers set to 75 * 4.5), but when I go over that, I get some problems. At 350 (100 * 3) I start getting some windows gen protection faults. I've tried screwing with the power (from 2.2v to 2.7 is the smallest increment) to no avail. When doing this, I get some weird stuff (like 23 megs of ram according to my bios as opposed to 196 ...) The temp is around 27-29 degrees C at 338. Thanks for your help. Oh, the divider is at 2/4, although I'm reluctant to change that as I'm not quite sure what will results to be. Thanks again.

Oh, one more thing. What can I safely take my MAX up to without putting on any extra cooling? Or should I just leave it be now that it's working? I appreciate all your help.

31st December 1999, 12:20
My best guess is to look at http://www.overclockers.com/ ... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


31st December 1999, 14:20
Maud, I doubt that you'll get much more out of it... the K6-2 300 weren't known for OCing very well. As for your Max... You could get more by upgrading cpu's than anything. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

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1st January 2000, 10:29
338 from a 300 is pretty good. I personally would go for 332 using 4*83mhz but then again the difference in performance may not be much greater than using the std 100*3 due to the lower cache and bus speed. Bearing in mind how cheap k6-2 400mhz chips are at the moment a new chip might be the easiest thing to do and then you can try for 450

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2nd January 2000, 14:05
When I had my K6-2 300 (which is in my right hand as I type with my preferred left hand) I had it running at 3x112 for a good while (a couple months) Then something happened (my maxtor 10 GB 7200 rpm HD crashed) and when I got the IBM 10 GB 5400 rpm drive it refused to work at 3x112) I took it out when I got my 450 K6-III (which I've sold to my bro) Put it down and someone f-ed it up so that it no longer works. Grrrrrrrr
I was using it with a VA503+ and G200, SBLive!