View Full Version : 98SE install from upgrade CD?

30th December 1999, 07:23
Does anybody remember how to do this? I have a Full version of 98, and a 98SE upgrade CD. I know there is a way to fool the upgrade CD into doing a full install, but I forget just what it is.

Anybody remember?


30th December 1999, 07:33
I was doing this last night and I ran into some problems, but eventually this is how it worked. Put in the original 98 disk and let it run until scandisk is done and the first windows operation is finished. I can't remember what that was, but it only took about thirty seconds to complete. Once the CD stops spinning, just swap out the disks and click on continue.

The upgrade CD needs Windows open before it will run. The first time I tried this it worked fine. But last night it gave me some problems with missing files. However, this might have been because I was trying to do it over a corrupted version of windows.


30th December 1999, 08:35
Another possible way is copying all Win98SE files (The Win98SE folder on the CD, and you only need the files, NOT the directories!!) to a folder called Windows\Options\Cabs.

Then reboot without CD-options and only himem.sys loaded (make a startup disk).

Then goto Windows\options\cabs and type setup. This is how I fool my Windows most of the times http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


I have Win98, think it's a year old, so it must be good... but every 20 minutes I have a GPF. I have a 10.1Gb HDD, and a P3-450, but it always comes to me with its problems..

I bought a CD last week... it said 120 hours of fun on the box... I needed 120 hours to get the darn thing working !!