View Full Version : software player for HD content, blu ray..etc

18th September 2008, 02:53
I bought a LG second generation blu ray burner a few months back, it has performed well.

Except that is the bundled powerdvd software. It does work but the fact they only allow stereo in both DVD and blu-ray playback has me feeling burnt (older bundled version used to at least support digital pass-thru)
Also being to forced to watch the %$#! anti pirating messages makes me wonder why just didn't upgrade my internet connection with money saved no buying HDCP hardwarte and just pirate all the $%$%# movies instead for a better experience than what I am getting.

And the fact that the rip off price for buying the "upgrade" to support basic functionality also has me peeved.

Any recommendations for any other good software player, I am tempted to use buy anyDVD to play the files in VLC(apprently possible but a lot of hassle) or rip them to hdd.

Ranting aside, the blu-ray playback does actually look very good)

18th September 2008, 03:03
FFDShow might be able to give you multichannel output (but not sure if it works for bluray).

Which OS are you using?