View Full Version : DVD Decoder Cards - IRQ Required?

29th December 1999, 09:02
I was thinking about getting a DVD card and was wondering if in general they require an IRQ? Are there some that do and some that don't? TIA.

29th December 1999, 09:20
Post your machine specs, and you'll get better advice on which way to go. If you've got plenty of processor horsepower, several sofware solutions (with the right video card might work for you.) Go with a decoder other than the DVD Hardware Module (not recommended at this time) made by Matrox, and you'll need that IRQ.

Brian R.
29th December 1999, 19:27
The Hollywood + and CL Dxr3 cards are very nice about sharing interupts. I have had one sharing interupts with my MAX (decoder in PCI slot 1) with no problems.