View Full Version : Which die size has a PII 350?

29th December 1999, 01:34
Does anybody here knows which process was used for one of the few early PII 350 MHz processors, which can be multiplier unlocked by taping pin B21? I mean 0.35, 0.25 or 0.18 micron. (OK, the last one is purely for demonstation purposes ;-)


29th December 1999, 02:23
as far as i know the PII 266 was the fastest CPU build in 0.35 micron.
so your PII 350 should be made in 0.25 micron

29th December 1999, 07:59
Yes, it is a 0.25u process.

Intel came out with the "Deschutes" core starting with the PII-333MHz. It is a 0.25u process. There were a couple of tweaks from the previous PII. The only one that clearly stands out in my mind is the ability to enable L1 & L2 cache with ram > 512MB.

If my memory serves me correctly, the early PII-233, 266, and 300 were .35u parts.

29th December 1999, 08:33
Thundrchez is correct. There were .35 micron 300 MHz Pentium II's.