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3rd August 2008, 03:28
This will be the third time i've created this thread, and I hope it works this time...;)

Here are some piccies of the 6+ hours of installation (did CPU cooler at the same time).

Will have some benches as soon as Rivatuner works with 4850...:ninja:
edit : the quality is bit crap because i didn't have a tripod, and artificial low lighting...sorry

3rd August 2008, 03:30
more piccies

3rd August 2008, 03:36
Before and after with F@H:

edit : the fanspeed on the 2nd image is because b4 taking off the stock cooler, I wanted to see what it was like at 95%...and it was 1-2C better than 70%...

Ambient = 25C

3rd August 2008, 05:55
some more piccies.
I'm gonna shutdown and try and get a good "all installed" shot inside the case...

3rd August 2008, 06:15
A nice flash shot of the messy interior.
Cable management is not one of my fortes ;)

3rd August 2008, 11:11
3Dmark06 and 05, still at 700/1000 gpu/mem

3rd August 2008, 11:15
And 3Dmark 03 and a few preliminary Crysis bench's with the SP Demo, since i cant find the DVD atm...

XPmod is a mix of DX10 options under Windows XP.

6th August 2008, 09:57
Nice! Man that HR03 sure takes up a lot of room.

Only a couple thousand 3d06 away from llc's score, and that was done with SLI.

6th August 2008, 10:28
Nice! Man that HR03 sure takes up a lot of room.

Only a couple thousand 3d06 away from llc's score, and that was done with SLI.

ah, i see why my HelloKitty senses where tingling. :D

i haven't upgraded drivers in a long time. maybe tonight

6th August 2008, 10:33
I might be waiting until xmas/boxing day for a new card now. Buying that MSI Wind, my trip to BC, and school coming up is hurting my funding.

6th August 2008, 11:36
I'm just waiting for the new rivatuner...;)

I'm hoping for 900+ with a possible pencil volt mod or two, which can get the voltage from 1.2 to 1.4V, AFAIK its 1.1 something for the 4850 and 1.275 for the 4870 chips.
at 1.4 with the extra cooling it should be good, will be slowing down the OC when I hit 60-70C temps...if I get to those temps before it crashes out ;)

edit : i'm also gonna put some fans back on the nb....2x4cm at 2cm thick they are pretty good at pushing air, especially at 12V.
edit 2 : FaH_Log. I've been folding for a few days non stop. only one failure at 97% ...

16th August 2008, 02:52
a little try at something higher.
Have to flash the Bios with the new values when i want to OC, so going in jumps of 25-50MHz...
heres a run at 775/1000 at an unknown core voltage...I only have an analogue multimeter, and its lowest setting on DC is 0-10V lol, so the difference between 1.2 and 1.3V is f-ing impossible to see, so i'm popping out for a Digital one lol...

I have also noticed a review of a much better cooler, the T-Rad2 , which has the same number of heatpipes, but takes up a lot less height...


For me page 7 onwards was not the review...might have not been fully posted yet...;)

16th August 2008, 04:54
hmm, i royally screwed up the pencil mod. ;)
DMM says i have 1.24V vGPU...and 1.2V of that is what the bios gives you, so i managed a whole .04V with my pencil mod, out of a possible .2V increase...

At least i can now make sure of the voltage being supplied to the gpu...
(also got a 12V -> 240V transformer, feel like mounting a PC in my car...300W max. I happen to have an epia 1000 with 8" touchscreen sitting doing nothing...;) )

17th August 2008, 07:17
Oh well.
Just ordered a 'Trace repair' pencil for the mod.
Its a silver based pen, will see when it arrives next week...
Alos went for 4x1Gb of Dominator DDR2 1066MHz RAM (again), tried to OC my CPU a little last night, and I HAVE to OC the RAM as well, and i know full well my current RAM will have errors even at 1MHz past DDR2-800...hoping i'll get 4 sticks roughly around the same revision this time...

I'll try the current GPu setup of 750/1000 on a higher CPU clock, and then with the GPU OC also...just to see what the difference is with the CPU OC...

At least I have the job of building and stability testing of the Epia to keep me occupied ;)

21st August 2008, 07:54
some of it has arrived, enough tho ;)
Blurr-O-vision is back...
Not the latest revision of the RAM, but at least all 4 the same....

21st August 2008, 15:33
So, got all the way to 1.6V on the CPU, at 3560MHz...
Was only upping the NB little by little, and when the NB is at 1.59V, it got to 50C.
So, some fans had to be added, to keep it at 37C Idle, and 43C load...
The cpu on the other hand got up to 83C.

This is with Prime95 running on all 4 cores.
Maximum power usage test, and maximum heat.
It took nearly 20mins to gradually get to 83C, so some more airflow through the case might be good...

Anyhow, i'm begginning to believe that the NB is key here, and i've just brought the CPU voltage down to 1.56V

22nd August 2008, 11:42
It takes soooo long to reboot this bugger that at 2am i had managed to stabilize the cpu at 3.6GHz, 1.56V cpu, 1.52V after the Vdrop.
temperatures were in the low 60's C after 12 iterations, or about 20 mins...and stayed there.
I still have to try and pull the cpu voltage down to be able to up the frequency more without overheating the cpu...
The NB on the other hand, has to handle all the chatter between the two dual-core dies...
So, the NB is the limiting factor for sure, and the voltage is going to have to go uo from the actual 1.63V.
Watercooling the NB would be nice, but with the heatpipe array its not looking good...
The two fans should be OK for up to 1.7V i think...

One HUGE gripe about the Mobo tho: The voltage setting in the Bios are pure and simple f*cked up.

When I set the CPU GTL voltage to manual, after checking what it was at when set to auto, it overvolted 1.6V to 1.68V.
When i set the FSB Termination voltage, the value was considerably lower than the desired voltage.
consistency would have been nice.
To get 1.56V for the cpu, in the bios, i have to set it to 1.6V.
You have to also take into account the Vdrop when at full load, and you get 1.52 to 1.6V

anyhow, i was at it from whenever i posted about having gotten the memory, 5-ish, t'il 2am. each test taking at least 10mins with the reboots and sh*t...good runs were 30mins...
i had to pull myself away to go to bed ;)

oh yeah, some more shaky blurry shots of the two extra fans on the NB, and the memory cooler :bunny:
edit: that makes it 13 fans.

23rd August 2008, 13:57
Hmmm, the volt mod didn't go so well...
It seems, according to the DMM, that i may have put 16V instaed of 1.4V thru the 4850 chip...

The conductive ink may have been too conductive, but anyway, i got me a nice no screen.
currently running a voodoo3 pci...

Looks like a 4870 is on the way...no need for volt mods on those....

24th August 2008, 05:57
Heres a couple of pics i took last night, I may have accidentaly put some conductive stuff on the resistor/capacitor to the right of the reistor i was meaning to mod.

You can see on the piccy that it looks a little too shiny compared to the others that are light brown...

Also a piccy of the packaging of the conductive ink pen, made in GA, USA.
"For Industrial use only..." on the pen...

Will be trying the 4850 again today, i might not have left it to dry enough last night...
the PC booted fine, i could tell by the way the disks were loading windows.
The only problem is that the monitor never came on.
Nothing on the card seems to have visibly or smellingly fried, so maybe it just shutdown...

26th August 2008, 08:33
4870 1Gb next week.

26th August 2008, 12:54
Those are some damn high voltages for that CPU. I'm at 1.25v at 3.6ghz. Getting the latest BIOS virtually eliminated vdroop for me.

27th August 2008, 03:58
Where do you measure the Vcore from ?
I get it from CPUz ...
I probably still have some room to go down in voltage still, am at about 1.42V load, and 1.46V idle...

I'll have to check for new Bios now...
Could be that you have one of the "Golden" CPU's, they need a lot less voltage to work...:)

I've noticed that just about anything above 3.6GHz is a no-go for this chip.
I tried to get to 3680, but it failed Prime95 quite quickly.
I tried adding volts to both the NB and the CPU (in separate tests) and they made no difference at all...
So, i concentrated on lowering the memory timings, and got them down to 444-15 at DDR2-900. The SPD is 444-13@DDR2-533, so i'm quite happy to have low latencies...

just waiting for the 4870 to arrive so i can run 3DM06...wont be modding that one ;) only a new cooler if one comes out, and no more than dual or tri-slot...with outside exhaust...

edit : latest BIOS for Maximus Formula is 1201, 5th May 2008....I don't exepect there to be any more...

27th August 2008, 16:11
And more importantly, whats your NB voltage at ?
I'm at 1.7V, I suppose its so the two dual cores can speak thru the NB...
Any lower and i get fails in Prime95...

27th August 2008, 21:13
PC Probe II says 1.31 for the NB.

29th August 2008, 00:23
Maybe thats the difference between the x38 and x48 boards...?
If i drop the voltages any more i get a failure in Prime95. NB or CPU Voltage..
1.74V NB in PC Probe II for me...

I also only have a fsb 333 and 400 bootstrap, you may have one higher ?

29th August 2008, 16:14
Can't really see whats that different, except that you may probably have a good 9450 chip, from the middle of the wafer, and I have the other extreme, from the edge, or thereabouts...
You also seem to have the edge with the x48, and its a better speed bin of the x38 (more or less) so it probably runs at lower voltages to get to the higher speeds...

From what i've seen around the web, 450fsb is about the limit on quads. So you have a very economical setup, producing less heat and using less power, and i have a nuclear power station ;)

Go and get a lottery ticket, you might just win you lucky b*stard. lol

30th August 2008, 06:52
Just how much noise do all these fans produce..?

30th August 2008, 07:00
The NHH screamer that I haven't put on is about the same noise as walking into a server room.

At the moment, its the two 40mm fans making the most noise, its pretty loud, but its behind the door in the corridor, about 4m away from my bed.
I can sleep with it on...

Any guests might not tho, and if i put the screamer on, i can't sleep either.. ;)

30th August 2008, 07:32
I just noticed something in your sig that I find hilarious. Voodoo3 PCI.

30th August 2008, 13:13
It works. It doesn't do hardware DVD, but most vids work fine.

I gave my 8800gts to a friend who was struggling in Test Drive Unlimited with his current card...

I've spent the week with it, i'll live til monday/tuesday...

31st August 2008, 05:28
I've got a good handful of AGP cards Voodoo Banshee, G200's (6), G400, G400Max, 6800GT...
But, in PCI i only have S3 Virge DX/GX, Voodoo3 2000, and a G200 Marvell, and a couple of 512K cards...
Voodoo3 was the best shot...

I do have a 6200TC PCIe, but that has 16Mb of local RAM and then takes your system RAM...it was advertised as a 128Mb card the bastards....I'll probably never use it...