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23rd December 1999, 21:37
Opinion time-

What is the mostest bestest keyboard a person can have? Why? How much? Where?

24th December 1999, 06:54
this is not the answer you are looking for but it is true.

one you can live with (type on for hours and not be in pain.) and or survives the key pounding us gamers do in the heat of things.

i use one of the original ms natrual keyboards. i found it at work in the back of a storge room (new) i asked and was given it. it is much better than the keyboards ms has now. only you can't get them any more. you can tell if its the newer keyboards or not by how the feet under the keyboard flip down. if the feet are closer to you than you monitor (by the space bar) then its the older original ms keyboard. if its at the rear of the keyboard (by the funtion keys then you have the newer keyboard.)my personal pref is for the keyboard to slant down from the space bar (better for my hands)

msi 6167 mobo k7 500 wk41 now at 650. 256 meg ram ,addtronics case w 250watt sp power supply, matrox g400, maxtor diammax 2500+ 10gig hd,10x aopen slot dvd, 3com 10/100 nic and 56k ext modem, sb live xgamer sound card, lots of controlers (joystick throttle rudder raceing wheel), 19in ctx monitor, microsoft inteli mouse explorer(5 buttons, and klipsch promedia v2-400 speakers.