View Full Version : Someone already has the 4A model, AGP 4x capable ?

21st December 1999, 01:35
Go to the MURC home page and read the shocking news: from a certain date G400 do perform AGP 4x transfers !
In order to recognize these boards, a 4A is put in the model number (ex. G4+MDH4A32GB/40).

Who already has one of these boards and when he purchased it ?

I am at work now but I am quite sure my MAX doesn't have the 4A, I bought in august from Matrox Store.

21st December 1999, 07:08
we have two diff. g400 dh oem boards delivered from a local retailer.
one model 906-04 rev. B it has the 4a in the label: G4+MDH4A32G.
the other one model 906-01 rev. A has the label G4+MDHA32G.
at home i also have a retail version I'll have to see what kind of label it has but i've noticed one difference already the oem boards have some kind of brass screws in the heat sink and i'm pretty sure my retail board doesn't have those.

21st December 1999, 11:19
My G400MAX is AGP4x tranfers capable http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif Shame my mobo isn't http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

22nd December 1999, 17:00
I just checked out my G400MAX, no 4A in the model...guess it isn't AGP capable. To be honest, who cares. Although it would be nice to have that feature available, it's not a big concern of mine.

I don't plan to migrate the G400MAX from my current setup. When it comes time to buying a new PC (hopefully not too soon, spend too much already), I'll get an AGP 4X motherboard with the lastest and greatest offering from Matrox.

I do truly sympathize with those who feel they have been cheated. I felt the same way at first after hearing the news a couple of days ago. But after a few minutes I thought to myself, the card still kicks ass!




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