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12th December 1999, 11:21
I have a Celeron 400a @ 500 rock solid, i have tried 6x100 600, i can boot into Windows 98 slowly with Level1 Cache off, and run apps in it, but when i try and run it with level 1 cache on, it will get to the Boot screen and then die, will i have to burn the chip in for a while with cache1 off, or will i never reach this magic figure?.

My system is as follows

Atrend ATC-6240M mobo
MSI MS-6905 (Dual) Slocket
160mb PC100
Windows98 SE
6.4GB Fugitsu ATA66
8.4 Western Digital ATA33
Pioneer 6x DVD
Memorex 48X CD
Altec Lansing Speakers 2x Satelites 1 big SUB
SoundBlaster 1024 Live
loads of fans in case one giant fan on the slocket

12th December 1999, 13:28
i doubt it but keep trying. 600 cellys are quite rare. probable why intel hasn't got any higherr than 500. If you don't have any luck at 6*100 what about 6*95? not all boards do this speed though. don't forget to make sure that the chip is well cooled.

p3 450@600. bx6 ver 2. 128mb unbranded pc100. iwill 2930u scsi, diamond pro pci modem, advansys 1505 isa scsi, SB Live!, pioneer dvd103s, hollywood plus dvd card, plextor 40x cd rom, ricoh 1420 cdr, ibm 14gb ibm 7200rpm, ibm 13.5gb @ 7200rpm, G400 @ max settings. All wrapped up in a big case with loads of fans. Belinea 10 30 40 17" monitor

12th December 1999, 14:00
I haven't got 95mhz in my bios setup damn

forget in my PC spec the most important thing

Matrox G400 32 D/H

12th December 1999, 16:35
Keep trying!

I am writing this with Cel400@600, and I think you have the same problems as I had at the start. So I may have some hints for you:

Try this:

- install Software-Cooler (Cpuidle, rain, ...)
- Start up at save settings = @500, L2 cache on
- Use FSB to change FSB to 600 on the fly
- try to run any applications, if so do some burning in

- if not stable : try to set L2 cache latency a bit higher

- keeping your CPU cool is the key to success

I run my Celeron 400@600(with standard Intel cooler!!!) and it is stable as long as I do not run 3D games or anything else that increases CPU temperature above 32-35 C. It is all just a question of CPU-cooling. I even did SiSoftSandra benchmarks @630 and enjoyed some seconds @660. I think I will try to use a peltier because if I succeed in keeping CPU temperature under 30 my machine will at least run stable @600 (or 630??)

By the way - Windows2000 seems to use the CPU-Halt command -no need for additional software cooler. Additionally it uses the Halt-command right form the start, whereas the other softwarecoolers become only effective when Windows is up. So I have no problems booting Windows 2000 at 630 (and playing Unreal Tournament @600 for a few minutes).

System specs:

Supermicro SC750 Servertower (provides necessary airflow!)
Celeron 400 (Malaysia)
15,2 GB IBM
Asus 40x CDROM
Mitsumi 4x4x24 CD-RW
64 MB PC100 (I know more would be better but I am still waiting for RAM-prices to come down)
Sound Blaster Live Platinum
Matrox G400 MAX
Trust Sound Forge 1200 + Quadral satellites

Windows 98 + Windows 2000 RC2 + RedHat Linux 6.1

13th December 1999, 03:14
ROFL sorry Leon but what's the sense in having the speed if you can't use it when it's needed most? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Dump the celery and pick up a P!!! 450-500 many here already are running over 6 with them.

P.S. guess that makes me the exception, I'm only running on a AMD cpu... @850! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

13th December 1999, 03:36
I guess you found your bottleneck ... your L1 cache.

All you could try to get it stable at 600MHz is increasing the CPU core voltage from default 2.0V to 2.2V and improve your cooling.

Running without your L1 cache is definitely not an option, because then your CPU would be slower than a Cyrix 233 or something like that ...

Disabling caches is only good for finding out what causes your lockups at those frequencies ... nothing more.


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Asus P2B-DS @ 103MHz FSB
Double Pentium III-450 @ 464 MHz
4 x 128MB CAS2 SDRAM
Matrox Millennium G400 32MB DualHead
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Nokia 445Xi (21") on secondary VGA

Home Rig:
Asus P2B-S Bios 1010 @ 100MHz FSB
Celeron 333A @ 500MHz
2 x 128MB CAS2 SDRAM
Matrox Millennium G400 32MB DualHead @ 150/200MHz
CTX VL710T (17")
and a brand new Pioneer 303S SCSI-DVD

13th December 1999, 04:11
Yes the bottleneck is L1, I have tried to make my cel run 600 too. It goes all tha way up with L1 disabled and runs quite ok but very very slowly. I have quite a sink&fan on my celery but can't get it working with L1 @600, not even with increasing core voltage to 2,3 v.(Heat, i suppose ) I think that it would require very large heatsink with dual fans or something if you want to get it running 600 (if it runs @600 at all..). So i think greebes suggestion to get PIII 450 or 500 is the best solution. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


13th December 1999, 04:42
Yeah but a PIII is far to expensive, and i will be purchasing a Athlon next year when the AGP 4X boards are out!!.

I have a larger heatsink and fan on the chip running of the ATX power supply not off the board so it's not a heat problem, could well be my cache, i am determined to get it to work!!!!

13th December 1999, 17:45
Ok !Good luck for you efforts ! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif And let me know if you succeed !


14th December 1999, 11:02
Mmmmmm, thanks Maggi, memories of the Cyrix 233 come flooding back... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


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14th December 1999, 11:09
Hey Stevie ...

I got one of those right next to me ... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif