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Fat Tone
17th February 2008, 09:41
I'm sure this will have some of you gun lovers wetting yourselves.


Brian Ellis
17th February 2008, 10:39
The bloke's stark staring bonkers, but hilarious!

17th February 2008, 15:53
The bloke's stark staring bonkers, but hilarious!

If you think that's crazy, you clearly haven't seen their "industry standard escape-from-army-snipers test" through which they put the nimble sports cars.

18th February 2008, 02:35
Ahh. The Carl Gustav.

It was a training shot he used tho. Notice the fzzzzzzz instead of the BANG sound.

Nice hit - its not that easy.

I guess Ive shot more than a 100 rounds with that one.

Record: 3/3 hits in 6,5 secs on 2 different targets. All praise to my loader.


18th February 2008, 02:44
It's funny how you often hear people from all over the world with millitary training talking about their friend Carl from Sweden :p

18th February 2008, 02:48
Heh. Peaceloving sweeden. :)

They make some good guns.

Although the first versions (from 1984 I think) where heavy and had a backblast that was just about as lethal as the rocket. :p

Later versions got much lighter, and the backblast was dispersed thorugh various techniques.

Amazingly, the Carl Gustav seems virtually unknown in the hands of religious and terroist organisations. The Sweedes might actually have their weapondelivery under control!


Dr Mordrid
18th February 2008, 03:33
A bit OT, but a cool pistol mod;


.600 Nitro Express pistol

Frame: Thompson Center Encore Pistol, stainless steel, Rynite grip & forend
Barrel: Van Horn-Encore, stainless steel, 17.25” overall (14.375” bore) straight bull, stainless steel muzzle brake
Scope mount: SSK T’SOB, stainless steel ¼ rib, 6-screws, 4 SSK S.S. scope rings
Scope (optional): Weaver Classic recoil-proof silver, 2x28mm

Loading Data (Standard):

Brass: Horneber, .600 nitro Express
Bullet: 1,040 grain lead
Powder: 117 grains Hodgdon 4831
Primer: Large Rifle magnum
Muzzle velocity: 1,200 FPS
Muzzle energy: 3,600 ft/lbs

Loading Data (Full Nitro):

Brass: Horneber, .600 nitro Express
Bullet: 900 grain jacketed
Powder: 158 grains Hodgdon 4831
Primer: Large Rifle magnum
Muzzle velocity: 1,670 FPS
Muzzle energy: 5,550 ft/lbs

20th February 2008, 18:24
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