View Full Version : Any new hard drives on the horizon?

15th February 2008, 11:31
It seems that HDD's have not really increased in size/speed in the last year or more.. anyone know if new drives are about to hit?.. maybe something bigger than 1TB, to drive the prices of the older 750GB and 1TB drives down.
I also wonder if WD plans to ever increase the Raptor from the 150GB they launched back in 2006 to something a tad bigger.

15th February 2008, 11:59
Seagate came out with their hybrid drives with 256mb flash. Aside from those, not much new I guess aside from SSD's.

15th February 2008, 12:21
320 GB platters have been announced, which would allow 4 platter 1.25 TB HDDs and 5 platter 1.5/1.6 TB HDDs. Though neither have been officially announced, it is speculated to be on the horizon. And of course, this opens it up to 640 GB and 960 GB HDDs (roughly).

15th February 2008, 12:52
googleing the 320GB platter, I found this
seems to be a really recent development, and Product is already out, though only the 320GB drive.
I thought I read that Seagate dropped their hybrid drives for now, as the current models were not any faster than without the flash.

15th February 2008, 19:54
Yeah I think they should just stick a fat load of normal ram cache on the drive instead , at least until flash and the alternatives get faster & cheaper

16th February 2008, 01:30
Then it is not already cached before the drive comes on. Hence less benefit. Flash is much better long term. Put flash everywhere and drive costs down and encourage development of better persistent solid state memory technology.