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26th November 1999, 03:32
Hello Peeps

i have a Celeron 400a running on @66mhz and was wondering what i could get the thing up to. ie what combinations and are they stable?

i have 160mb of PC100
the board is slot1 with a slot1 370 converter card from Microstar. the board will take up to 466 celerys & 550 PIII's

any ideas

oh the board make is a Attrend BX board

27th November 1999, 00:09
the only way to find out is to try out all the different speeds that you have available on your motherboard. I would certainly think that 75mhz is possible and i have heard that they do like to run at 83mhz but that can cause problems with hard drives and such. If you have nothing critical on your hard drive thn try 83mhz but be ready for a reformat shoul things go wrong.

27th November 1999, 00:53
Well... I have cel400A@500 and it's running rock-solid. It posts up @600 and loads win98 allmost completely, but then it locks up, unfortunately ... and all this happens with default voltage 2,0v (higher voltages didn't make any difference with my cel ). So I supose if You have any luck you should get it running stable @500(83 bus) and IF you are Lucky you might get it running @600(100 bus) (probaply needs a little higher voltage and better cooling if ...)


28th November 1999, 08:26
Thanks i will try 500 @83