View Full Version : cdusd.vxd and voltrack.vxd cuaseing errorrs.

17th November 1999, 14:55
this id a weried problem. i figured out the last major head ache that im haveing with my new system and it probibly means a reload of the os to gewt rid of it.

iv'e been noticeing that sometimes when i reboot my system i get the following messages vxd error in cdusd(01) call for by vxd voltrack(04) it may be posible to continue. hitting ok and windows continues to load. then another error (bsod) comes up errorr vxd cdusd(03) it may be posible to continue.

ive been getting this every once in awhlie and too day i really looked at the file names and thought cd drive track error? so i opened my drive up (a creative labs 5xdvd drive) and no cd was in it so i poped one in and presto boot in to windows and no errors. i realized that the times i was haveing problems was when i did not have a cd in the drive. (halflife) audio and data tracks on cd. i dont know if this is a bug with my ide controler or just that my dvd drive is dieing (dont have any read problems) but i searched the registry and startup files (sysedit) and could find no refrence to voltrack.vxd or cdusd.vxd any one know what these programs belong to? i dont have a clue
by the way a search of my hard drives turns up a voltrack.vxd in my vmm32 folder but no cdusd.vxd anywhere help maybe i just need to reinstall windows but this is my last real issuee besides for problems with the turbo gl and a lack of a minport driver for irq steering.

19th November 1999, 09:16
I've had a similar pbx with voltrack.vxd :

I just can't read the driver disk of the tekram dc395 card : i alwys gave the b.s.o.d.

very strange !