View Full Version : Anyone looking for 8800GT?

10th December 2007, 13:54

Only 47 left, $250.

I have no idea what Galaxy is like, but it is hard to find the 8800GT in stock, and at that low of a price.

14th December 2007, 15:05

Now $229 after 20 MIR!!

15th December 2007, 17:12
Nvidea err yuk.

17th December 2007, 10:53
buy.com has the XFX Alpha Dog 512MB for $249 shipped. I'd probably buy that one, but I'm waiting until after the Christmas dust settles.

RC Agent
17th December 2007, 18:05
buy.com has the XFX Alpha Dog 512MB for $249 shipped. I'd probably buy that one, but I'm waiting until after the Christmas dust settles.Yeah, I'm waiting for after Christmas as well.

27th December 2007, 08:47
Wow, it seems like they're even less available right now.

27th December 2007, 21:56
$210 CAD for the Galaxy 8800GT at ncix.com
$269 CAD for the Galaxy 8800GTS (NEW one, 512mb)

30th December 2007, 02:33
I went for it.

http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=27328&vpn=88YFF6HUFEXX&manufacture=Galaxy%20Technology&promoid=1087 (currently 53 left for this promo)

Came to $229 + ship - rebate, so $247-$20, USD.

Let's hope I get a good one.

Also, the only way Americans can pay is via PayPal. I hope I didn't make a poor choice in using that.

30th December 2007, 04:28

My buddy ordered a Galaxy 8800GTS from there.

I've read up a little bit on Galaxy in the last week or so, seem to be reputable enough, and apparently they are a favorite of (budget?) overclockers.

30th December 2007, 20:24
Nvidea err yuk.

I have to admit, ATI sucks in this round. :p

30th December 2007, 20:37
The last 4 cards in this house have been ATI's, but I think the next 2 are going to be NV. The 3850/70 are pretty good for people on a tighter budget though.

1st January 2008, 10:14
FYI, buy.com e-mailed to let me know the XFX card is back in stock, but they've also jacked their price another $10 to $273 shipped. Newegg pushed their availability date back another week.

8th January 2008, 12:09
My Galaxy arrived today. I can see that I have the new cooler on it, but I won't know more until I get it home.

8th January 2008, 18:26
Nice, be sure to let us know how it runs.

My buddy got his GTS in, unfortunately he's still waiting on his PSU as it was out of stock.

9th January 2008, 00:39
I installed it, and have about 10 minutes of Portal played. SO much faster than the X800 it replaced. I have lots of Filtering and AA options to try, but I was just playing the game at 1680x1050, with everything on High and full HDR, and the game was usually 200-240fps, but there was one scene where things would drop to 100fps if I looked at it right.

This card is unusual in that it has 2 PCIe power sockets. I have one of them plugged in. It also has a jumper to overvolt the card, but I'm running it stock right now. ATITool crashed the system when I tried to let it auto-overclock the card. It actually seemed OC the card, then go way too far in bringing the speed back down. Not sure.