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8th November 1999, 19:39
Someone emailed me about why I was running my P3-450 at 558, instead of 600, since he'd heard that the G400 was able to handle the 133mhz FSB.
So i tried it =)
At 133x4.5 with AGPCLK 2/3 and PCICLK 1/4 at 2.1v windows _nearly_ booted but spontaneously rebooted just before it should have loaded my desktop.
At 2.2v it booted to windows just fine, but when I fired up Quake3 it closed itself and dropped it into that ultrahigh gamma 640x480 res it does when it crashes.
Unsure of whether or not it wasthe G400 that crashes it or general instability.
No particular interest in going any further with my experimentations though. 558 is more than fast enough, and 600 ain't such a boost that i'd wanna throw more money into better cooling and such.
Definately a good processor though. If I was one of you crazy types, i'd smack a peltier or a kryotech type dealie on it and see how far it goes.

9th November 1999, 21:34
i have a p3-450 running at 600 2.0v..g400 dh..no problem at all..

10th November 1999, 07:20
The biggest thing to keep in mind, and I know I'm not the only one who thinks this, go with the boxed Intel processors, they just work better - usually due to being a better grade of processor.

My PIII-450 with Toshiba cache chips works flawlessly at 600Mhz, 2.0V...


10th November 1999, 19:42
Hey Guyver,

Have you been able to get your PIII to 630 on the BE6. Mine will boot into windows and almost survies and then I get either regisrty errors or BSOD. I now have an Alpha P3125 cooler on it and the voltage cracked to 2.3 V. Still can't get it past 600, although at 600 this rig is sweet and stable. 5945 in 3dmark Pro running 800*600 default test. Oh and I did try to shut off the L2 cache (set latency at 15) but no further luck.

Also, have you tried to overclock your Max using MGA Tweak. If so please tell me what settings you are using specificall the memory optimization stuff. I really have this need to get 6000+ 3Dmarks. I know it means very little in performance increasse, it's just symbolic.


Abit BE6, PIII 450@600(133,1/4*4.5), Mil G400 Max PD5.30 ,128 Megs PC100 CAS3, SBlive 2.1,Quantum Fireball 13Gig, Acerview 78ie,40xPioneer CDROM, 56k Modem

11th November 1999, 06:20
I haven't tried to push past 600Mhz as my SCSI controller really disagrees with the PCI bus past 33.336Mhz which is what I get at 133FSB. If I was just running UDMA33/UDMA66 drives I would go for it. I used to use the MGA Tweak, I don't OC the video card at all anymore - haven't needed to.

I may try swapping everything around again now that I've performed the surgery on my BE6 and it's working the way it's supposed to (had to remove a resistor to fix the SOFT Voltage settings)