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9th November 1999, 08:42
hey heres a dumb question? i dont have a udma 66 hard drive can i use my udma 33 drive on the udma 66 controler headder or will the drive only work on the ata 33 header????

was wondering i should be getting the board on the 10th.

ok ive gone and done it, again. its that time of year again. system upgrade time. my new system arives on nov 10 consisting of amd k7 500 (soon to be 650 at least)a ms6167 mobo, addtonics case with sp power(250), global win fkk sink,2x128 pc100 sdram, 5xdvd region free, xitel p storm sound card, 3com 10/100 pci nic, 3com v90 external modem, 10gig maxtor 7200 rpm harddrive,matrox dual head g400 vanila, 19in ctx monitor, ch throttle, ch force fx joystick, thrustmaster e rudder, thmaster supper sport wheel, usb logitech mouseman wheel, acs400 speakers, yamaha rear speakers, 3 80mm case fans (one with a custom build duck (as per intel spec(have yet to build that but i have the parts)).

second and third systems as well p2350 at 450 and k6-2 200 (utility system, burner)

9th November 1999, 10:30
Both IDE headers on the MSI-6167 are UDMA/66 capable.

Also, UDMA/33 drives will work with no problems.

aka Chris H