View Full Version : The Contining Comet Saga

20th September 2007, 10:27
Remember that Stolen washer stolen while awaiting collection. Well Comet are after me.

I spoke to trading standards who said I didn't have a leg to stand on. However it all depends whether the Girl who arranged collection could remember agreeing to this.

So this prompted a visit down to Comet. The girl in question was on Holiday but the Manager would contact me and the collections department and ask the girl what she said on her return.

I wrote back to Comet saying I'm waiting on the Managers comments. He never rang me but I got another letter from Comet.

Blah Blah Blah

I have investigated and I'm convinced that you were not given permission to leave the washer outside. All the staff are blah blah blah.

Back down to Comet to verify they had actually checked. Put my Phone on record and spoke to the Manager again.

Tracey cannot remember the conversation but all our staff blah blah blah. So she cannot remember what she said which puts a slight hole in there case.

I now have a recording that proves she cannot recall what was said.

I popped across the road to the Citizens advise Bureau.

They told to stick to guns and either Comet will give up but reply to each letter they send in the same manner or they'll take you to the small claims court. That would cost me an extra fifty quid about so I happy about that.

Debt collectors was my other worry. I was advised there that they can't enter my Mother property and they should write to me in the first place. In that case I just reply in the same manner as I did to Comet.

They may put in additional fees again refuse those as unreasonable and let the court decide.