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Lorenzo Rizzi
19th October 1999, 01:31
I have a problem I haven't been able to figure out yet.

CD music (I mean music tracks on a CD) won't play in any game that is supposed to support it.

For example Driver has some nice CD tracks but they won't play during the game. Same goes for Kingpin.

I have a Creative DVD 6X drive. The drive is connected to the sound card (SBLIVE! Value)and plays music tracks just fine through the Windows CD player.

Anybody knows what's wrong?

Any help greatly appreciated,


My configuration:
Abit BH6
Pentium II 450
G400 Max
Creative 6x DVD-ROM
Adaptec 2940 U2W

19th October 1999, 02:58
All right, this is really stupid, I know, but it never hurts to check...

Most of these games (in my experience) have a setting in the "Options" section for turning 'CD Audio' on or off. The default setting is often "off". Is it turned on in the games you're trying to play?

Just an idea...


Lorenzo Rizzi
19th October 1999, 16:07
Well, that was implicit. Obviously I have CD music enabled in both games...


19th October 1999, 19:19
Hey, you may have noticed everyone is not so clever as you....who knew? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Did surf through some of the Kingpin msg board (huge bbs).. noticed a post that some people having sound problems were relieved by turning their TV-Out off... but their problem was the reverse of yours, only music, no sfx (I assume you are hearing the game sfx correctly? And having no other problems in the game(s)?). Since Kingpin, at least (don't know much about Driver), is an OGL game, depending on which drivers you're using, you might try turning off Dual Head, if you hadn't already... and what version of DX (excuse me, "Direct X") do you have running anyway?

I'll dig about further, and see what I turn up.


19th October 1999, 23:28
It kind of sounds like one of your drivers doesn't correctly support Redbook. Have you contacted Creative? Checked for driver updates?


K6-2/350@400, 503+ rev 1.2a, 128MB PC100 RAM, Millenium G200, RH6.1 w/ 2.2.12-20, Win98, and too many classes

Lorenzo Rizzi
20th October 1999, 00:55
First of all thanks for your suggestions!

The problem I'm having is very strange. Dualhead is turned off and the sound drivers I'm using are the original ones I got on the CD of my OEM SBLIVE! Value.
The reason I'm not using newer ones from Live!Ware distributions is that when I install Live!ware 2.0 (and even if then I upgrade to 2.1), I experience regular lockups with looping sound in a few games. One of which is Microsoft International Football 2000 (cool game BTW).

After looking for ages for a solution to those lockups (and trying all suggestions found in the forums), I found that the problem was in Live!ware. When I use the vanilla drivers from the OEM CD the lockups went away.

Now, I don't remember if CD music was working with Live!ware, I'll try installing it today after making an image of my HD.

One thing I forgot to mention. My SBLive refuses to move from the current IRQ 15. Can this have anything to do with the problem? How can I force it to IRQ5 like a lot of people are suggesting in other forums? (I'm using Win98SE)

Thanks for your help!


23rd October 1999, 13:11
I posted a solution, but then deleted it. sorry.

Lorenzo Rizzi
27th October 1999, 01:42
Please, please repost!


27th October 1999, 06:18
What jack on your live is your CD sound plugged into? If it's plugged into the digital or auxiliary plug, that could be the problem. Games only look at the main cd audio port on sound cards for input...