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30th July 2007, 06:52

I recently subscribed to a 3G internet connection. It works at high speed on my mobile (htc tytn, hsdpa, theoretically 3.8 mbit), but as I prefer to use this as my phone/pda (for which I have a different subscription), I often use my previous phone (nokia 6260) as internet modem.... but it only supports up to gprs (54 kbit).

Are there (relatively) cheap alternatives to connect to a 3G network?
On the linksys site, I noticed there is a router that accepts a vodafone live connect card as its wan connection. I don't have such a card (and getting it + the router is quite expensive). Are there 3G to utp bridges (that use the simcard directly)?
My htc can act as a bluetooth access point and share its internet connection over a bluetooth pan. Are there other phones that can do this? or better still: that can share over wifi?



30th July 2007, 11:11
You could set up an internet connection on a laptop with a phone, and then use that to distribute to a LAN...

Bulky way of doing it, but would work.

I can't see any phone being able to do this, unless modded software i.e. Linux based.

look for a Linux phone mod...?

30th July 2007, 11:13

haven't read it yet, but the title is very close...

edit: the comments look good. And the Linksys router mentioned WRT54G3G Wifi router, that has a 3G (SIM?) Card slot if you're not going to be 'mobile'.

31st July 2007, 15:56
I'll just continue as I'm doing now... perhaps I'll swap the phones, and use the tytn more as a pda... dunno... :ermm: