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15th October 1999, 20:10
I've been using fans so far, and i've been looking at peltiers. Could someone explain how it's supposed to work? On several different sites, they have the "copper hot plate" and the "aluminum cold plate" what do they do and how are they supposed to be connected?

15th October 1999, 20:57
Also, running a Peltier when/where it's not needed can result in condensation. Moisture is quite bad for your computer, so be careful. If I recall, Jammrock and a few others have Peltier experiences, so ask them.


15th October 1999, 23:59
Also be aware of its power requirements. I had no problem with a 250W power supply however 300W is reccommended (which can add to the cost).
My el-cheapo peltiers $17 (just for the peltier itself) would draw 2.5A @ 12V so I did not have a problem with my supply requirements.

16th October 1999, 19:13
Thanks, another question: where can I get them? I also saw a couple peltiers described as "potted against moisture" what's that mean?


16th October 1999, 22:57
Yeah thats why mine are $17! heh. I wish I had that. This potting I assume is the insultating material between the two ceramic hot and cold plates that house the PN junctions. Thus not allowing an air passage to potentially create moisture from within the peltier. The $50 ones I see at the computer fair are like this. It is a hard white compound extending to the edge of the ceramic plates.
Hope that doesn't sound too confusing. Go for one of these if you can.
Just punch in peltier into a search engine and go for it. You'll see many pictures and setup ideas. Pictures speak a thousand words.

17th October 1999, 08:39
Ok, thanks for your help! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif