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17th September 1999, 17:29
Just looked at a system that has an odd problem(pentium 200mhz.win95)At boot-up,it goes through it's whole routine,no errors,no beeps,but just before win95 is ready to load,it reboots.Any one see this before,any ideas?Thanks in advance http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

17th September 1999, 18:44
I would guess a Windows registry problem. Try booting with a system disk or hold down F8 to get a boot menu. If you can get to a c: prompt this way, its the registry.

F8 is the best way to start because you have two choices then - Safe Mode and Command Prompt. Try Safe Mode first, but when I had this problem it didn't help. If this doesn't work and you can get the boot menu, choose "command prompt only" (not the safe mode command prompt). Once at c: type "scanreg /restore" (without the quotes) and press ENTER. Choose the last good registry from the list and ENTER again. This should get you started. If it doesn't, its probably time to reload Windows.

I hope this isn't too elementary, but its saved my behind many times.


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20th September 1999, 06:02
I've got this problem a while ago, I traced it back to a programm I installed. The solution was that I booted in safe mode and removed the new programm entirely. (this was after a few times a fresh install..) The second time I had the problem, it wasn't that easy, a system critical .dll file had been replaced, but was not restored, I found out what file was modified using an advanced search (dates and time) and compared files with that of another system, and replaced them until it worked. (just for the fun of it, and w95 took me a few hours to install at the time). Good luck!

20th September 1999, 09:38
RAB - that scanreg wont work, it's win95. Butif you're feeling really brave, copy scanreg from a win98 PC to the win95 Pc and run it. It's quite funny. I've done it a couple of times now, and it has completely rebuilt the registry (went down from 2.5mb to 700kb....), but it worked!!

The problem could be an IRQ conflict on the video card - check that.


PS: Some or all of the above message may be wrong, or, just as likely, correct. Depends on what mood I'm in. And what you know. ;)

20th September 1999, 09:53
Thanks Steve. I've always had Win98 since I put together my machine and didn't realize scanreg was only a Win98 feature.

20th September 1999, 10:51
I had that problem under WinNT after I installed Wacom tablet drivers ...

After some hard hours of not being able to work, I stripped it down to


That crap is more than incompatible to quite a few peripherals ...

I uninstalled that crap and used MS standard mouse drivers instead ... everything fine since then.

Asus P2B-DS @ 103MHz FSB
2x P3-450 @ 464MHz
Millenium G400 32MB DH

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20th September 1999, 13:07
I had this problem fairly recently. Spontaneous reboots were getting me down in a big way. I thought it was my OC processor going too far, but it wasn't the case. So, I started plugging and unplugging, I finaly traced it to my scanner that was at the end of my Parallel port chain, so I disconnected it, and my reboots are gone. When I need to use it, I just plug it in. I am going to get either a Scuzzy scanner or a USB, but for now I can get by.


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20th September 1999, 16:30
I've had spontanious reboots as well, caused by a bad FAT... had to boot from Win-rescue disk and after going to DOS, did the fdisk /MBR to get my Master Boot Record back online... then went into windows and started Scandisk with fault-search on... err on a 10.8 Gb drive that took a couple of hours http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

But at least I got it working again. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


22nd September 1999, 18:42
I wish to thank everyone for their support and suggestions.Was able to look at system in safemode,thinking,perhaps there was aghost in device manager.Listed 3 soundcards,2 video cards, 3 hd controllers
rebooted,after disabling all said devices,went line by line confirmation at f8,didn,t load dos=one in config.sys and didn't load autoexec.bat system booted okay,without these.Owner wants to remove certian files,then we,ll fdisk and reload.
Once again thanks for your help.This is the only system I've ever seen where everyone was right with their diagnosis! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif
PS: Has anyone seen dos=one and if so what does it mean?