View Full Version : DirectX 7... anyone knows release date?

11th September 1999, 16:42
I heard somewhere that it should already have been released yesterday but nothing happened. Does anyone know more? Haig?

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11th September 1999, 21:48
The gold version went out to beta testers today so I woudn't expect to see it til the the end of the month. I am using RC4 and haven't noticed anything special, the speed appears to be exactly the same as DirectX 6.1. I get more speed by overclocking my card then DirectX 7 did.

12th September 1999, 08:58
Hunslo- Is this the actual DX7 or a beta release? I will wait if it's beta but I looked on microsofts site and windows update and it's not there yet.Thanks

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12th September 1999, 09:47
Of course it's not the final version.

12th September 1999, 17:28
Try this:


13th September 1999, 14:22
Hi Hunsow!
Do you have any experience with this file?

13th September 1999, 14:41
I installed it, but didn't do any gaming yet, but no problems so far.

14th September 1999, 09:16
I installed it, and played games for a long time. No problems whatsoever. It did not mention anything about BETA however http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


Johnny Ray
18th September 1999, 22:24
As Hunsow intimates, DX7 from http://www.nethn.com/download/Dx7core.exe is the final beta. Use DXDiag and you'll find that most of the files are clearly indicated to be beta. I've been using for about a week with several DirectX games with no problems, and no noticeable difference. However, many people are reporting increased performance in Unreal, which I don't play.


19th September 1999, 15:33
The DX7 from the reactorcritical site is the final retail version according to DXDIAG, no BETA files listed. All diag tests fully functional.

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22nd September 1999, 09:46
It's coming out today according to some..


22nd September 1999, 13:57
Its out NOW - go get it.......

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