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Dr Mordrid
22nd March 2007, 23:35
Take that RIAA :)

Article.... (http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=070322121539.enwwmbqh&show_article=1)

US CD sales plummet as people turn to digital music downloads

US sales of music compact discs plummeted 20 percent in the first three months of the year as downloading of songs continued to knock the underpinnings from record studio revenues.

Eighty-nine million CDs were sold from the start of the year through March 18 as compared with 112 million CDs sold during the same period in 2006, according to figures released Wednesday by industry tracker Nielsen SoundScan.

Purchases of digitized albums online failed to make up the difference -- instead they dropped from 119 million during that time period in 2006 to 99 million during the first three months of this year, SoundScan reported.

Meanwhile, sales of individual songs in digital format on the Internet rose from 242 million tracks during those months last year to 288 million this year, according to SoundScan.

Consumers are sending a message to artists that "while you may have put a lot of thought into the sequence of the album, I only like these three songs," said digital music industry analyst Michael McGuire of Gartner Research.

"It comes back to consumers being in complete control of their media experience, and that is not going backwards," Gartner told AFP while discussing the drop in album sales and the rise in single-song track purchases.

23rd March 2007, 07:22
hmmmm... me thinks the industry is going to finally get the point soon.

23rd March 2007, 07:46
Doubt it... I'm sure the RIAA will continue to blame pirating.