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15th September 1999, 07:15
I can't take it any more. I get crashes, and they're always (when I get the details box to check) in the aforementioned Kernl32.exe.

What is wrong with my system? I feel sure that it must be obvious if you know what this prog. relates to... but I don't. If you need more info to pinpoint the likely culprit, just ask.

Thanks, all....

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15th September 1999, 07:26
When you get a Krnl32.exe error, there should be a reference to the .dll file that caused it. Check to see what the particular application is that is causing it.

Also, please give us more info as to what you're running...i.e. Which version of Windows (win95, win98, win98se), what applic's are running in the background (check your startup folder) and what applic was running/being accessed when the GPF occurred.

15th September 1999, 08:22
Popping up is my Win98FE Kernel32.dll in the Windows\system directory, when I try to play games on my G400 32Mb DH with multi-monitor support on. When I got for 1 monitor setup, no problems... 2 monitor setup and hey whattayaknow?? The Kernel32.dll pops up again. (This system is linked to Kernel32.dll, cannot find the file)

Jorden, who's also got mysterious "Cannot write to AUX" messages upon starting Win98FE. And all after I installed DX7.0. (reverts to my 4.5Gb WD HDD, since when is that an AUX machine?? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif)

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15th September 1999, 08:28
Erm, kernel32.exe (or .dll) are like the core of Windows itself. So either you have a program that's taking windows out, as cputnam suggests, there should be a dll/exe in the error, or Windows itself is dying.


PS: Some or all of the above message may be wrong, or, just as likely, correct. Depends on what mood I'm in. And what you know. ;)

15th September 1999, 08:40

Had to go crash a thing or 2....

OK, I'm seeing crashes in the following 3 progs:

ICQ: but only if I change the prefs of one particular user... (or use ICQ+ but apparently that's an ICQ+ problem). The crash occurs in ICQPREF.dll at 018f:010dc88e. When I close the box closing the program, I get another crash at MFC42.dll at 018:5F4012al. When I close that box, the system runs but he ICQ icon remains in the tray, the display does not restore to full screen (I have ICQ running on the right), and if I restore my icons to that area using PD, they become invisible until I reboot.

RealPlayerPlus install: I have been trying to reinstall this registered download ever since my last reformat and reinstall of Win98... it crashes before even extracting the files from InstallGuard... at Kernl386.exe at 002:00004279.

I also get extreme crashes in Netscape... no particular thing although sometimes I do have way too many windows open... naturally I can't crash it now, but I mean what seems to be a never-ending series of dialogs, usually I just reboot to save time (which the system will do, no prob).

Don't laugh at all the crap I have running in my tray (and registry).... btw if I turn everything off, RealPlayer for instance still won't install, I just get a progress bar in the Install Guard for a change before it crashes...lol...

InoculateIT tray icon (both macro and file monitoring off, if I turn it on the system crashes), volume control, task manager, SS changer tray utility, PD 5.25, TimeLord (internet time check util), Gozilla if dl'ing, Norton Uninstall Deluxe init (registry start), Popup Bomber (registry start, kills those damn geocities popups), A3d tray utility, PartitionMagic init (registry start), "Time Sink Ad client" (registry start, can't tell if this is part of TimeLord or the sponsored versions of PKZip or GoZilla), NetSonic (registry and Folder startup, browser accelerator}, Power Profile, Canon Windows Printing System (looks like a 16 bit proggie prettied up to me)

Things turned off using System Configuration utility: additional appearance of Power Profile, system tray applet for my modem, ICQ+, additional appearance of TimeSink Ad Client, SimpleTrax (part of the CD burner software Suite... DirectCD won't even work..), Monster Sound tray (replaced by A3D applet).

Windows 98 4.10.2222... installed over 4.10.1998 from the 'win98' folder of a SE Updates CD my office got with a new Compaq... I did not use the setup in the root folder, so I think I just installed the updated Win98, not all that extra crap, but I could be wrong.

Anything else? Gotta reboot now to clear my display... thanks for helping...


15th September 1999, 17:34
I have the EXACT same problem with NS on all my Win9x computers. Don't tell me to use IE because I have used it a lot to play around with and I still don't like it. Hmm... Microsoft's DLL doesn't mix with NS, seems like foul play to me. =P
Kernel32.dll seems to be the number one cause for all computer crashes I see.

15th September 1999, 18:07
A bit more info: Got crashes in HoneyQ (ICQ videoconferencing addon), NetMeeting (RSVP, some internal thing involved in making a call) [you get 3 guesses what I was doing today, and the 1st 2 don't count, lol], and "Tsadbot", which I think is that Time Sink Ad Client.

Sorry, I don't have the notes I wrote with me now (will post when I get back home), and a couple of these did occur in Kernl386.exe...

but 2 of them occured in the same address register as the ICQ crash before: 018f:xxxxxxx. Now I'm starting to wonder what uses that address normally, cause I think it's broken...

Doesn't this indicate a HW problem? And of course the fact that these are all Internet communications programs can't be ignored... could the solution be as simple as uninstalling my modem (or modem drivers; do I really need that panel applet it installs which so often gives me a 'fatal modem error!' message?) and moving it to a different PCI slot??

This is way out of my league (but I'm interested), so all you driver coders out there, come on down!


15th September 1999, 18:13
Many things can cause these errors. I have had this happen on my Super 7 system a couple of times before, it eventually got so bad, that I reinstalled windows, thinking I had some corrupt files. When after the first reboot, I had a corrupted registry, I quickly knew I had a hardware problem. The hard part was figuring out what was causing it. So, I started unplugging and plugging. Come to find out, I had a bad DIMM.


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15th September 1999, 19:35
I was hoping you wouldn't say that, Rags... but at least it's easy to solve, and I do have 2 128MB sticks, so losing one (if that's what it is) won't kill me... much...

I did like having just way too much memory, though.. made me feel like a true geek [to say it politely], despite being an SS7 user.. lol http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


16th September 1999, 00:13
At least, Holly dear, we could swap sticks of RAM if you want to try that... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif
(Also got 2 128Mb sticks, so makes that me a geek as well?? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif)


16th September 1999, 12:12
No, sweetie, it's the P3, G400, dual monitors and stereo-tower speakers make that you (lol) a geek ... and that's not even mentioning your predilection for transfering .dll and Windows core files during <u>chat</u>....(sigh)

The function of having huge amounts of memory can best be described..... in a way actually more possible and appropriate for you than for me... (still being polite), but hey, you guys know how I am by now, I'm sure you'll figure it out....

It's just that I have so little experience with post-tumescence, is all... I can learn to live with it. If I must.

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16th September 1999, 12:56
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20th September 1999, 10:44
It may not be the memory after all.. Swapped out the sticks each individually, tested them both in each of the slots, no change that I can see... unless [oh, gods].. it couldn't be both of them, could it? Should I dig up my 64MB of SIMMS and try that, now??? Ugh.

I've got to run an errand or I'd post that error data now, but in the meantime, any other ideas as to what it could be???