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12th September 1999, 19:38
I'm having some problems that just started the other day. I've been running a P3-550 at 616MHz (112 1/3) for about a week and it just started rebooting itself while running benchmarks like 3DMark Max and Final Reality.
I have the L2 cache set a 5 and it doesn't matter whether the memory is set at Cas2 or Cas3. I have tried various L2 settings without any success. It also doesn't matter whether the G400 Max is at 1X or 2X.
Anyone have any suggestions besides don't run benchmarks anymore http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif


12th September 1999, 21:58
Benchmarks can really push your system. This means things like 100% processor usage, and other high activity. I suspect a current drop to be the cause of the reboot. How big is your power supply? Have you considered raising the voltage to your CPU a little? - This could help counter the severity of a current drop, if that is indeed what your problem is.

Anybody else have other guesses?


13th September 1999, 02:40
Some processors overclock more easy than others, also, some motherboards are more stable than others even from the same brand and model, have you tried to set the proc. back to its original and if so can you reproduce the conditions?


13th September 1999, 07:31
It appears that The processor is bad. This morning it would not boot at all. I did raise the voltage up to 2.4V last night and it seemed to run OK.
This morning I tried at the default speeds and lower voltage to no avail.I even tried with the cache disabled and still no luck. So I put my old P3-500 in and it booted the first time.
I'll check again tonight but it does appear that something is not right with the P3-550.


14th September 1999, 09:23
Well, after another round last night I discovered that the processors are OK. The problem appeared to be with the Hard Drive. So I reformated and reinstalled Wn98. Everything seemed to be fine until I tried to start the system this morning and it wouldn't boot and asked for the startup disk. I rebooted and it started windows....
All this started when I flashed the mobo. I have a ABIT BX6 rev2 and also the ABIT Hotrod AT/66 contoller card(PCI) for my IBM 18G 7200 AT/66 hard drive.
I noticed that when the system has been off for awhile or when I disconnect the power and start the system it states that the Bios for the HotRod contoller card is not installed and then fails to boot and asks for the WN98 startup disk. If I then reboot(without the startup disk) it sees the Bios for the controller card and boots into Windows.
Weird problem... Anyways I'll fight with it some more this evening. Reflash the Bios for the HotRod controller card etc..
I think something happened to the HotRod controller card when I flashed the mobo Bios.


14th September 1999, 10:57

Please keep us informed on your status as you find things out.

I think I'm gonna like my integrated ATA/66 controllers on the BE6 if I ever give up SCSI drives.

Good luck,


15th September 1999, 11:06
After going through a process of elimination I've determined that all my hardware is fully functional. My problem is just your basic IRQ assignment nightmare. Previously I had to manually assign IRQs to my hardware in the Bios. When I flashed the mobo Bios it wiped out my IRQ settings and made a F**king mess of things...LOL
Anyways, I spent some time yesterday removing and then one at a time reinstalling my PCI cards and have everything working again.


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16th September 1999, 07:44
Cool. Glad you are running again...

I just had to re-install last night F@@@ing Norton System Works..

I had W2K RC1 and W98SE dual-boot set. Installed Norton System Works, and it overwrites my boot sector. Can't boot from either os. Luckily I could use a boot disk to get the sys and fsck files so I could at least boot to 98SE. (W2K was hosed completely). Then it wipes out my registry during a defrag. Argh! I though they had their $#it together, NOT! I'm leaving that crap off, and will probably try to get a refund.

One steamed Guyver