View Full Version : Mac mouse?

12th March 2007, 08:46
Looks like my tablet might be selling, so I'll probably get a macbook in a week or so.

I want a new, wireless mouse. I don't think the Wireless Mighty Mouse is a good idea, the shape looks awkward and I've heard bad things about it (ball clogging, side buttons awkward...).

I think bluetooth would be a good idea, I don't want to have to plug a receiver into the notebook to be able to use my mouse (why is there no logitech bluetooth revolution mouse?).

Does anyone know of any bluetooth mice that don't require an external receiver on the mac? Or is the mighty mouse good? I think I should really try it out before I decide against it.

12th March 2007, 15:23
I know people who love the Mighty Mouse and others who have had nothing but problems with it. I think you'd probably be happier with another mouse, but definitely see if you can try one out.

I really can't recommend any alternatives, at least as far as Bluetooth models go - I currently use a wireless optical from MS. I looked around once before and there seems to be a dearth of good bluetooth mice that aren't just you basic two-button models.

12th March 2007, 15:42
Yeah, there's the MX900 still to be had on ebay.

I really like the feel of the VX revolution, I hope it comes in bluetooth soon.