View Full Version : p3 500/550..retail or oem?

14th September 1999, 13:58
Why is oem cheaper and what is differance if any?

14th September 1999, 14:43
First an explanation of OEM: the product(chip, sound card, video, etc.) is shipped in bulk so that there is no packaging, most of the time no manual, and sometimes the product is a prerelease and it might not be as good as the retail. Sometimes the product will come with drivers but a lot of time you will need to download the drivers somewhere.

For processors OEM means that you only get the chip and hopefully it is in an antistatic(silver baggy that says Electro Sensitive Device) bag. There is no fan attached to the processor, no instructions, registration card, or other papers. So you will need to buy a fan and attach it yourself. An OEM and a retail processor have no difference in the way they work and look so there is no speed difference.
Buy OEM if you know what your doing or can get someone to help you out, otherwise the extra money for retail will get you a spiffy box, pre-attached fan, and a small manual.

14th September 1999, 16:03
Thanks TnT,
If I can save some $ looks like oem is the way to go.

14th September 1999, 16:22
Also retail processors have a warranty, while OEM's usually do not. Also, retail CPU's generally overclock better. They're usually higher-quality chips.