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8th September 1999, 12:50
My current system includes an Intel Tabor mobo which includes the SB/Ensoniq AudioPCI chip (ver 1371) onboard.

Speaker system is the Diamond Audio/S2 (now MidiLand) 4060 (6" sub w/ 2 satellites - separate mid and tweater). (if you want more info, check www.midlland.com (http://www.midlland.com) and their 4100 system. Only difference is that the 4100 has an 8" woofer).

Sound via the AudioPCI is o.k., but seems to limit the true abilities of the speaker system.

I'm considering a couple of soundcards - the SB Live! Value and Diamond MM M300.

Appreciate your thoughts/input.

8th September 1999, 14:05
Hi cputnam

I personally have no exp. with MX300, but I currently have the SBLive!. It's a fantastic card with many possibilities and with very good quality sound. It surpasses everything I have heard from a PC. It is always hooked up to my stereo, does not produce any bangs or other wierd sound FX when turning the computer on or off. The drivers are quite good now (there were some probs. initially, but they seem to have been sorted out), very low CPU usage, incredible strong DSP, capable of AC3 pass-through (so far only in conjunction with Creative's DVD card, afaik).

All in all, a card I don't think would let you down. I am pleased with it.

Just my 2 Shillings


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8th September 1999, 22:05
I have used both, if you mainly do the gaming thing, then the MX300 is your guy, if you do a variety of things (DVD, Music, and games), the Live! would be the way to go. But you really can't go wrong with either one of them, they are both reasonably priced and both sound GREAT!!!


9th September 1999, 03:49
i have a xitel platnum storm. its a very good vortex 2 chip. but the xitel card has a fiber optic digital out. now you can only use this if you have an amp that can uses it.

other vortex 2 cards have this type of port too and are cheaper, but not all of them. and i don't know how good they are.

other wise rags is right both the live and v2 cards are good. oem live cards do not come with cables ect. (only drivers)

I think I need help. I'm not sure what do you think, do I need help?

9th September 1999, 07:12
I also have the xitel Platinum Storm. Great card and the vibrating headphones are pretty cool.
If you're looking to go with a 2 speaker setup or headphones, the vortex 2 cards like the Storm or M300 are the way to go. If you plan on using four satelite speakers, I believe the SB Live is the better card. SB's EAX is also more widely supported.
Aureal is claiming to bring EAX support to the vortex 2 cards, but they have been saying that for over two months.
Couple of other things about the vortex cards. The cpu utilization is higher than the Live, but new reference drivers improved this. There were also some issues with A3D and sub/sat. speaker combos. This should have also been fixed with new drivers, but it is something you should be aware of.

9th September 1999, 07:28
Yeah, the SBLive! is a great card

Anyone know what additional features the forthcoming Soundblaster Live! 1024 Platinum will have?

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9th September 1999, 07:45
A quick search turned up the following site with some http://www.3dsoundsurge.com/Platinum/Platinum.html

10th September 1999, 16:16
I fully agree with everything Rags says.
I personally use the SB Live Value and my musical buddies are very impressed by the software package it comes with.

10th September 1999, 17:11
I've got sblive w/4 Boston Acoustics A40's around me. Crapola amps from junk speakers buy.com sent me with purchases. Can't beat the sound

12th September 1999, 23:36
I just went from a SB16 that stayed in perfect working condition and still works perfect for nearly 5 years (6?) and when I decided to get DVD a few days ago I snagged a SB Live Value. I didnt get the IO ports, but WOW!!!! what a difference. With all the software goodies on the live over the mx300, I'd have to stay the road with a name everyone knows. creative labs. Gawd, I sound like a freakin commercial!

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