View Full Version : Mac monitor on pc?

Freddy the Fish
8th September 1999, 00:39
Please can anyone inform me if it is possible to run a Radius 20 monitor, (5 years old) on a PC?
It has RGB and sync inputs, and also a 15 pin (which I have tried to no avail), so is it possible?

The 2 local computer shops both have conflicting answers, one says yes, and wants to sell me another cable at 20 the other says not at all possible.

I also heard that Matrox do a card that will do the job, Any ideas?


8th September 1999, 03:38
If there are 5 BNC-connectors and it isn't a fixed-frequency monitor, i see no reason why it shouldn't work with that cable.
How does your 15pin connector look like? My monitor has 3 inputs 2 15pin (mac: in 2 rows, vga: in 3 rows) and the 5 BNC connectors.


8th September 1999, 05:28
I worked with Mac 17" monitors on PCs. U need a converter from the Apple connector to a regular VGA connector... I don't know where u can get it but I know that it was apple made...

Chris Blake
13th September 1999, 05:32
I got one from Ilyama (if you spell it like that)to contect their rather good, and rather cheap, 21" SVGA monitor to a Mac. Couldn't give you a price for it though. They sent it free. Nice company.