View Full Version : PIII-450 Surgery performed.... It's alive!!!

9th September 1999, 22:01
Well (Deep Subject I Know http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif),

Thought I'd make my 2nd fan on the PIII-450 a little more permanent, so I did a little surgery.

I pulled the CPU out of the socket and pulled out my dremel (actually it's a Ryobi, but who would know for certain what I was talking about if I'd said Ryobi instead of dremel) moto-tool, attached a soft/hard pvc bit and proceeded to notch out a segment at the bottom of the C-channel that wraps around the heat-sink in my OEM (with Intel fan) PIII-450. I then inserted a fan off of a dead PII-266 (AAVID 3-wire) into this notch. I then did a little plastic welding to merge the 2 forms of PVC together to make a solid coupling. I then re-inserted the modified cartridge back into the slot, hooked up both sets of fans to different 3-wire connectors on the mobo, and voila - 2-channel cooling of my processor. dropped at least 1 degree (with the G400Max my CPU has been hovering around the 42C mark, now it's down around 40/41)...

Nice, neat, and no glue fumes... Note: PVC does stink when melted - use a ventilated area to work in.....


9th September 1999, 22:13
Very impressive, but next time use PVC epoxy. Available at plumbing/pool supply stores. Melted plastic isn't the best for your system.

10th September 1999, 09:54
Hmmm... Next time I'll try and make sure I have the stuff. This just happened to occur to me around 10PM or so, so the stores weren't open... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif



10th September 1999, 10:40
Guess you didn't do a photo-shoot of the whole adventure, huh?? Would've been more help to see what you did http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


11th September 1999, 19:21
I'll work on it....
Maybe I can get some pictures taken, or draw something up...