View Full Version : ch throttle, new in box 15.00 plus shipping

9th September 1999, 06:37
i don't know if anyone here would be intrested but this is a real nice controler that works with any joystick.(analog) it has 12 programable buttons nicely layed out for your left hand. it uses a at or ps2 keyboard passthrough. this even works with thrustmaster joysticks (you do lose joystick hat but gain 12 buttons on throttle.) and throttle. this thing lasts for ever too. i bought one when ch first started makeing them over 7 years ago and it still works fine today. progreaming the thing is easy to you can map any key/ or group of keys to o the buttons.

link is www.compgeeks.com (http://www.compgeeks.com)
they are even fair on shipping costs. they dont overcharge. i have ordered lots of stuff from them and even had to rma something once with no problems.

one bug as useing a ps2 mouse/keyboard with a pass thrugh / jopystick port (constently poles the keyboard) cuases some keyboards to lockup. fix is to get the mouse off the ps2 port by either useing a comm port adapter or useing a usb mouse. (i use the usb mouse.)

also ch says that the programing software only works in dos. i have no problems with a win98 dos box window and the programing software.

I think I need help. I'm not sure what do you think, do I need help?

9th September 1999, 09:03
Yeah great piece of hardware!
I use it in combination with a ch ForceFX.
It's incredible: 12 buttons, 3 4-way hats and 1 2-way hat.

I think ch make the best quality joysticks, used a Flightstick Pro before (still in use by a friend), it's over 7 years old too and I only had to replace a spring that broke a year ago!

The only thing that doesn't work for me since I use the throttle is the keyboard-power-on, but since SETI my computer runs all the time http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif - problem solved!