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7th September 1999, 17:52
Hi, I've got a p3-500 and I o/c it to 575... I heard it can be overclocked without super cooling to 620 but I tried 600 and got a GPF after a minute. can it be that it will work with a 124mhz bus when 120 didn't or do I need a better colling fan then the OEM ?!?! I really would love to see my p3 at 620.
I have CAS2 memory (128mb toshiba) and my G400 is overclocked to 150/200 without problems...

7th September 1999, 19:40
Cobra, what kind of motherboard do you have???

To go higher you may need to set your memory to cas3. Also you may need to play around with the L2 cache settings. Default value is 8. You might want to disable the L2 cache by setting it at a higher value than 8 and see if that's what is holding you back.
I have a P3-500 now and am running at (112 1/3) at an L2 value of 6. You may want to try lower values like 3 and try for 600MHz or 620 MHz. I have Mitsubishi L2 chips on my P3 and they are supposed to be the worst for overclocking. If you have NEC or Toshiba L2 chips you will have a better chance of reaching the 600Mhz range.
I am using an Alpha P3125 on mine and can run at 620MHz with the L2 cache disabled which is very slow. Even with a cache spacer to help cool the L2 cache I still can't run at 585MHz (117 1/3 or 1/4) very long before the system locks up.


8th September 1999, 05:25
I have an ASUS P2B and it seems that It isn't such overclock friendly as ur m/b. I have only 110 / 112 / 115 / 120 / 124 / 133 options nothing in between... I'll check and see if I have any Cache options in the bios (ver 1010) I think not but then again mybe I'm wrong. anyway I use the OEM SSEC2 case. can I remove it without harming it. coz I don't have any other fan right now, and I can't find out which type of cache I have.

8th September 1999, 07:13

Memory is the key, especially when getting a GPF. I had similiar problems when I attempted to go beyond 129Mhz with my Abit BX6 R2. I switched to the BE6, and bought myself some 133Mhz HSDRAM from pc133memory.com and now run a nice and stable 133FSB.


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8th September 1999, 09:32
Hi I'm Cobra's brother. I just wanted to know if it's safe to O/C the P3-500 to 600/620 without special cooling coz we r using the regular SECC2 p3 colling fan.

8th September 1999, 16:42
Hi Guys,

I finally found the link to removing the retail fan and heatsink from the P3's.

www.thetechzone.com/articles/p3_heatsink_remove.htm (http://www.thetechzone.com/articles/p3_heatsink_remove.htm)