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29th August 1999, 08:43
None of you guys answered my question to what is the highest power peak you have gotten, so I'm asking again. I got 181.26 which is the last yellow before the red. Can anyone beat me?

29th August 1999, 11:05
If you read <a href="http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/stats/spikes_down.html">this</a> you will understand why the spikes are unimportant.


30th August 1999, 12:29
Well, I know that most(most all) spikes are caused by interference but mine is well below 99999. I didn't know about that problem so I was just curious to who got a satellite in their unit. Also why do they only look at expected results? Isn't the point of SETI to look for unexpected signals?

30th August 1999, 20:24
Peak 189.69
Gauss 1.85 fit 15.617
Peak about 202
Gauss dunno

It's impossible to look for unexpected result, because you can't recognize them as ET. Therefore SETI@home is looking for plausible schemes of signals. They are looking for schemes that if we were the sender could reach a supposed planet.


2nd September 1999, 16:05
I've had a peak of 313!

My bro's got a gaus reading of 2.44 fit of 8, and 3.49 fit of 11. The fit has to be low (1-5) for the gauss reading to mean anything.


2nd September 1999, 16:06
That peak of 313 is the 2nd from last red block.

2nd September 1999, 20:13
I got wiped their. Are all units coming from Arecibo or are there other stations that SETI works with?

3rd September 1999, 02:31
They all come frome Arecibo, they will think about changing to another one when Arecibo has done its work which will last about 2 Years if I know right.
It's all declared in detail on their website:
<a href="http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/">SETI@home</a>

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4th September 1999, 09:56
Hi Greebe

had some problems with NT-version and PD 5.13 now with 5.21 i switched back to it saving about 2-3 hours a unit http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


4th September 1999, 22:08
Doh! wrong thread

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5th September 1999, 02:06
Hi Greebe

My range of used time is currently between 6 and 23 hours on a celeron 433@433 per unit. With Win-Seti on an average of about 16 - 17h
With NT-Seti on an average of about 14 - 15h

Neither my nor your results seem to be in the range they should be. I've read the win-client is about 3times faster when it's minimized and the NT-client is about 30% faster than the minimized NT-client.


5th September 1999, 15:31
Sorry Greebe, meant Win-client http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/redface.gif

Sounds that you ran the Win-client with graphics displayed where the graphics use much of your prozessors time.
I ran it all the time and minimized (not as screensaver).