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8th August 1999, 01:34
I thought I'd start a new thread on this over here since these threads get buried over at the Matrox hardware forum.

Well, Steve got me going and I finally made some modifications to my new case. With the case closed the temp would get up to 118 degF with the overclocking that I am doing.

First I replaced the 80mm exhaust fan with a pair of Radio Shack Blowers. These things move an incredible amount of air.

Then, I added a nice 92mm Sunon fan to the home made card cooler that I already had for the graphics cards. This one blows cool air right on the processor and across the top of the G400.

Ok, with the blowers and extra 92mm fan the temp dropped to around 99 degF with the side cover on, not quite good enough...Heheheh
So, out comes the Drill and the Electric Jigsaw. I cut a hole in the side and finished it off with a car speaker grill. I then lined the inside of the speaker grill with the thin foam air conditioner filter material to keep the dust out.
The final result is a case temp around 84 degF or about 29 degC.


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and a (Very Messy Desk) ;-P

8th August 1999, 01:46
For those with a ABIT BX6 rev2 motherboard, I typed out a Notepad .txt file you can save and use to record your Bios settings.
home.att.net/~albpm/BX6rev2Bios.txt (http://home.att.net/~albpm/BX6rev2Bios.txt)


8th August 1999, 02:46
Hi Paul,
Do the lights dim in Albuquerque when you turn that thing on? http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif

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8th August 1999, 02:51
Hi Chuck,
Just a little flicker but nothing too substantial...Heheheh


9th August 1999, 00:42
Although I do not have pictures, I can tell you what I did with my computer.

First off, I have an Addtronics 6896A Extra Series case: http://www.addtronics.com/6896a.htm . This case is very nice. It has room for 5 8x8cm fans and 1 6x6cm fan and one more 8x8cm fan can be added over the CPU with an optional adaptor. I am currently running 2 front case fans, sucking air into the case and 3 small 2cm fans on my hard drive cooler, also sucking in air.

For interior curculation I have 2 Radio Shack turbine blowers. One is on the bottom of the case, by the expansion cards, that shoots air next to the cards to cause a nice little airflow. In my PCI slot next to my video card I have a 3DCool.com Super Slot fan, which takes all of that hot air by the video card and spits it out the back.

I have then have a Step Thermodynamics cooled PIII 450 (running at 504-540 MHz, depending on how my V3 feels that days) that uses a 2 fan system. Fan in the power supply sucking air out of the case. I then attached the second RS Turbine blower on the side of the power supply. This fan takes any residue heat and shoots it into the uppermost 5 1/4 inch bay, where I have 2 8x8cm fans sucking the air out of the case.

Total fan count: 13.
Total noise with case off: A whole lot.
Total noise with case on: A lot.
Total noise with case on and put into my wooden desk cabinet with air vents: I can hear the music again!!!!


PIII 540 (120 MHz x 4.5 - 540), 256 MB PC133 SDRAM, ASUS P3B-F, Winblows 98 SuckyEdition, 18 GB WD Expert HDD, Encore 6x DVD w/ Dxr3 decoder, (TEMPORARY!!!) Voodoo 3 2000 @ 175 MHz which will be replaced by a Matrox G400 MAX, Sound Blaster Live! full retail, MAG DX715T 17

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9th August 1999, 03:30
Hey - too many fans spoil the broth...

My PC has been playing up real bad the last couple of days, and after a hell of a lot of friggin' around, I think I solved the problems by DISCONNECTING two fans I added to the side of my PC. I think one of them is causing a lot of electrical interference or something, but I know that although my PC is now warmer, it's more reliable!



9th August 1999, 03:54
Here is my case.


By the way, that is a 17" monitor next to it!

It has two 5" intake fans, two 4" outflow fans, and one 4" crossflow fan pointed toward the Canopus Pure 3DII and Marvel G200 PCI. I have heatsinks only on both cards. This case was originally a server case with a redundant 300w PS. I was lucky to get a proprietary PS from work, and converted it to ATX.

The CPU temp on the AX6BC doesn't go above 90F even in So. CA during the summer. The Celeron 300A is oc'd to 464MHz.

9th August 1999, 07:23
Steve C,

Yeah I know, I am working on reducing the number of fans and the noise level. First thing I am going to do is get ride of the Radio Shack Turbine fans. They are nice, but very noisy. I am also adding Dynamat to the interior of the case to block out as much noise as possible. I already have the front and most of the side panels done, I need to do the top and backs now.

Once I am done I will borrow a camera and try and get some pictures up on the forum. I will need some web space first, so anyone can help, I would appriciate it.


PIII 540 (120 MHz x 4.5 - 540), 256 MB PC133 SDRAM, ASUS P3B-F, Winblows 98 SuckyEdition, 18 GB WD Expert HDD, Encore 6x DVD w/ Dxr3 decoder, (TEMPORARY!!!) Voodoo 3 2000 @ 175 MHz which will be replaced by a Matrox G400 MAX, Sound Blaster Live! full retail, MAG DX715T 17

9th August 1999, 08:19
I might be able to toss you a few megs, but nothing huge.

9th August 1999, 08:26
I've got some room if anyone wants to post their pictures.
Nice case jeepman!! Looks like it has lots of potential.


10th August 1999, 00:28
well in case anyone overlooked this little know fact, moveing a lot of air in an enclosed space can cuase static charges to build up. properly ground your system frame ect.. sidepanles ect... learned this tid bit from when i was running ducting for a wood chip and sawdust colector. dam thing was generating some really bad static eltricity untill i grounded it. (enough to knock you on your ass if you toched it at the wrong time)any way run a wire from the metal frame work of your tower/case to the ground of your outlet/ or if your lucky you have a ground screw on your power strip.

what is up with this it lost my pasword and i can't post as merchant2
oh and it woun't email me becuase it says more than one email account exists.

10th August 1999, 00:51
Technicolorly, your computer's case should be grounded via the powersupply. But you are right, too much airflow can cause static electricity. I just hope no one goes crazy enough to pull that off in a computer case http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif


PIII 540 (120 MHz x 4.5 - 540), 256 MB PC133 SDRAM, ASUS P3B-F, Winblows 98 SuckyEdition, 18 GB WD Expert HDD, Encore 6x DVD w/ Dxr3 decoder, (TEMPORARY!!!) Voodoo 3 2000 @ 175 MHz which will be replaced by a Matrox G400 MAX, Sound Blaster Live! full retail, MAG DX715T 17

10th August 1999, 06:50
Hey Genom,

Got any pictures of your setup???


10th August 1999, 15:07
Alright, here are pics of what my Intel system currently looks like:



Okay, I have taken out one of the ductings so you can get a better view, on the end of each duct, there is a nidec gamma 28 blowing fresh air directly to each one of the fans on the processor's heat sink. The fresh air is ducted through the bottom 3 1/2 inch drive bay through the fron of the case. I also have the PS fans reversed (yes, I have two in the PS), the bottom front case fan blows in, the fan behind the G200 is blowing out, and the fan on the top,back of the case is also blowing out. In all there are nine fans in my case. I have separated the ribbon cables into rows of 3 and 4 and bundled them together, and shortened them to length to tidy up the inside. My case is a ProCase Full Tower (It is HUGE).

The end result is my system (BH6, celery 300a, 128 PC100) now runs at 504 at 2.1 volts. It also does 464 at 1.85 volts. The case temp went down from a balmy 99 degrees to a cool 84 degrees when room temp is around 70 degrees. My processor usually runs right around 95 degrees (Measured with a Fluke thermoprobe, and an infrared thermometer). Also the noise is not too obtrusive, the system sits in my living room, and my wife can't stand the sound of loud fans all of the time, so I had to choose my fans carefully (those nidecs are actually pretty quiet), and this case squelches most of the noise, anyhow (and the side only comes off for cleaning and adding new hardware).


10th August 1999, 17:54
Just my comment on this cooling debacle. While some of you have enourmouse amounts of fans, just having a pile fo fans doesnt help much if you dont plan it right. I've got 4 fans and my case is at 84F with an ambient temp of 80. AND it's a small case (midtower Supermicro) and my CPU and gfc card ar OC'ed as well. So if you get the cables nicely tied and out of the way, and plan a good airflow pattern you'll have a quiet cool machine

Colin Morey
12th August 1999, 11:34
Hey Steve,
Any idea where I can get some large ( say 6-8inch) fans here in the uk?


13th August 1999, 06:00
As everyone always asks, here's what my PC looks like during the summer:





Jorden, messy desk huh??

Holly is all I Love&Need !!
And some food and drink till she gets here...
Who has an abundance of Airmiles for Holly(Berri) ??

13th August 1999, 07:10
Hmmm, in the side of my PC, I've fitted 3 fans. Now my PC will only reliably if I run the middle on and no others. Odd eh? Try and suss that one out!


My PC? Not that bad, got all sorts of crap in it, and all sorts of crap around it and my desk is also messy. Now what does that say about me? ;)

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13th August 1999, 17:09
Alrighty then. I got all of my new cooling toys in, now it's time to install them. Here is the list:

Tennmax Stealth V3 cooler (still waiting for the G400)
Tennmax Lasagna BGA Type 0 (for the AGP chip, yes I am this crazy)
Ultra Thin Exhauster Hard Disk cooler
Super Duper Slot fan
Twin Turbo Case exhaust fan thingy
PIII cache spacer to connect the L2 cache to my Peltier cooler (cooler from Step Thermodynamics)
A couple of heatsinks for the back of my PIII (oh I'm not done yet)
6cm case fan and...
3x8cm case fans.

phew...that's a long list. I think I may have a digital camera to take some photo's with, so if Wombat or ALBPM could please help me out with some web space (and how to put the pics up on the board) I will be ready to go. Just drop me an email please. I may start up a part 2 of this thread, just so people on the slow pipe can load the thread in a decent amount of time.


16th August 1999, 01:01
Hehehe, trust Pauly to start a thread like this one!!! Just love showing off your space age speaker air freshner...hehe

Just got an Abit BE6 today, waiting for me at home, if I don't return too drunk tonight, I'll install it (also got a Live! Value at the weekend, gotta love that EAX!!) and then come with all me questions in the morning (why has my CPU melted, why does my AGP port smell of burning plastic etc.)

I got a lot to learn...


Lukey http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif

21st August 1999, 22:21
I, too, confess to being a fan fan (groan) http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif Alas, I have no pictures, but at least I can say my case is prettier than any of yours =. Oh well, here's a link to a pic of it: My Case. (http://www.elanvital.com.tw/products/servercases/S-30.htm)Mine is the tower version. The SCA module in mine is pushed up one bay, leaving a bay and a half for my 120mm fan and duct. This fan blows directly up onto the undersides of my cards. I made the duct and fan support out of sheet steel and double sided foam tape for sound deadening, and used some of that blue AC filter material as filters to keep the dust out. The case also came with 5 fans - the 80mm PS fan, two 80mm fans ducted from the back, blowing cool air on the processor, memory, and cards (doubling what the new ATX standard calls for), and two 60mm fans blowing sideways onto the hard drives. If you can get a hold of one, get it! This is far and away the nicest case I have ever seen. Everything is well planned and beautifully executed. They also make an awesome full tower version.

Another neat fan project can be found at Dan's Data. (http://www.dansdata.com/hx45fan.htm) If you've never seen this guy's website, it's an absolute riot. This slightly cracked but hilarious Australian dude has the most entertaining hardware site I've ever visited. Read the review of the mouse bungee while you're there. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/biggrin.gif

Kind Regards,


22nd August 1999, 20:45
Paul, I love your case/fan setup. I never thought of using a 6x9 grille for a fan cover .. duh, and we have tons of that stuff where I work. Had you ever thought of putting one of those auto-hood type scoops on the top? You know, like those guys with custom Camaros have? http://forums.gagames.com/forums/biggrin.gif You could even use an automotive air filter around a regular 12" house fan. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/biggrin.gif

Just teasing. Actually I am a fellow sufferer of Tim Taylor syndrome. If it didnt involve cutting up my case, I'd probably do something like that http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif As it is, my case already has lots of vent holes in it... still lusting for that 150x55 mm monster fan though... who cares if my computer sounds like the flight deck of an aircraft carrier anyway? http://forums.gagames.com/forums/biggrin.gif

Kind Regards,


23rd August 1999, 04:04
LOL KvH, mine does without the added fans http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif

The main fan in my PU is making alot of noise, like it's coming loose any moment!!
Ah well, if all noise stops and my screen goes black, then I'll buy a new PU http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif


24th August 1999, 02:56
I just love the sound of that electric saw ripping through plastic and sheet metal....YaHoooo


27th August 1999, 00:01
wait a min all those fans, duct's and holes, have benifits we havent thought of.

1 we know imediatly if something isint working (the noise level gose down)

2 we don't have to worry about noisey drives (becusae we can't hear anything else but the fans)

3 all those exuast fans mean we don't need heat in the winter. (hot air from overclocked systems warms house.)

incase you didn't know it. (Tylau is really a gay asian phone sex operator) "denis miller live"

27th August 1999, 03:19
You guys are to much.It looks like a hell of
alot fun.I too do alot of overclocking,but
my room is air conditioned,so my temp stays
at 68-70 F with the case closed.I only run
3 fans-PS fan,CPU fan,and a 486 fan on my
G200.I just might get the jigsaw out though
don't wanna miss out on all the fun.

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27th August 1999, 03:42
Hi Guys !

Mind me if I joined ?

and before someone asks ... yes, my Celery is cooled by one passive heatsink assisted by one P2-fan http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

Not too many fans, but effective.


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27th August 1999, 03:44
We do Maggi http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

Mind me if I joined?

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27th August 1999, 03:48
I knew I shouldn't have asked, Jorden http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif


Asus P2B-S @ 112MHz FSB - Bios 1010 final
Celeron300A @ 504Mhz
128MB 7ns SDRAM
G400 DualHead 32MB SGRAM @ 201 MHz memory clock