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26th August 1999, 22:19
the other day while continueing my never ending quest for the latest driver / bug fixes, i ran into a post that basicly said,

"remember thier is more to updateing your motherboard than the bios, your chipset needs
updateing too."

so for the heck of it i whent over to abit-usa.com and no new busmaster drivers for
win98 and intel bx chipset.

then i remembered that intel writes the driver's maybe they have something updated for win98.

yep chipset drivers for everything. includeing agp to cpu bridge, pci to isa bridge and a few other changes. wheather this
makes any thing more stable i don't know but no more generic busmaster drivers. the update file also covers other intel chipsets.
these are devloper inf files but hey i got a bh6 i installed them no problem and every thing seems to be running smooth.

when it is installing the updated driver for the isa to pci bridge it may want to copy some files off your win98 cd. becuase windows had yet to install the driver for the ide bus my cd drive was not working. click cancle for that window and let the hardware continue to install everything else. when you re boot you will see the isa to pci bridge listed in the device manager under other, just click update driver and let it go.

check it out at. http://developer.intel.com/design/software/drivers/platform/440.htm

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M Ragsdale
27th August 1999, 00:25
I have played with these drivers each time intel releases a new one. Everyone generally performs worse than the MS ones that come with win98. If you have win95, then grab em they are worth the extra stability.


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