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22nd August 1999, 16:06
I have purchased a new hard drive and wish to transfer specific files from my old hard drive to the new one,alas,I don't have tape back up,nor do I wish to use floppies,as it would take about 60 of them!Can I set up master-slave and transfer this way?You see I want to set up the new drive with a clean install,and add said files after completion.I have already copied files to a specific folder and now wish to transfer this folder to the new hard drive,simply and with minimal screw up.Any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks in advance!

Colin Morey
22nd August 1999, 16:34
That is probably the easiest and fastest way of doing things, just make sure your new drive is installed as the primary master, (doesn't matter where the second goes to).


22nd August 1999, 16:45
Wouldn't it be faster if they were both masters on their own channels?

23rd August 1999, 00:12
i might be wrong but. before loading all your
software. ect formating your drive.

but when you fdisk a drive and make a partition active. can you have that drive conected as a slave or secondary master. with another drive (boot partition) ive tryed in the past and never goten it to work. always made sure not to set the newer drive to active untill i was done copying needed files then set drive to active. ?????

if im right make sure you don't set the partition active until you are done copying files.

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Colin Morey
23rd August 1999, 01:26
Yes it probably would be faster if they were both masters , but you prolly won't notice that much of a difference

As for setting the partitions active, well, I always do that anyhow, and I choose between new and old drives in the BIOS, (using the boot order function).


23rd August 1999, 02:26
I recommend using primaries for HDD's and secondaries for CD-ROM's etc. Also if you have CD-R(W) do not put it to same channel that the HDD you burn data from is.