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29th January 2007, 06:05
...as long as you don't call them for tech supprt:


A Microsoft representative confirmed that users may buy an OEM copy of Windows Vista at a substantial discount, provided they adhere to the terms of the license – which, incidentally, may mean providing support for family members.


"System Builder software is designed for OEM system builders, and specifically for pre-installation on new PCs," said Elissa Brown, a Microsoft spokeswoman, via an email. "So, this software isn't really intended to be installed by end-users. OEM versions of Windows Vista that are delivered through the System Builder channel are licensed via a 'break-the-seal' model (in other words, the System Builder License on the outside of the software package is agreed-upon when the package is opened)."

Although retailers like Newegg have typically been prohibited from providing the software without accompanying hardware, Brown said this wasn't true. Readers of PC Magazine and dl.tv report that Newegg has continued its practice of bundling a token hardware component – drive cables, case screws or other knickknacks – as a way to offload any legal obligation.

Since I don't see many MURCers calling MS for support, this is good news :) Assuming you have plans to buy Vista.


31st January 2007, 05:14
The only problem with OEM versions is that the license dies with the PC.
I'm not talking what you can physically do - that is of course up to each individual etc.
However an OEM license is good only for the machine it is first installed on.
If a year later you buy a new motherboard/CPU then you need to buy another copy of the OS to remain 100% license legal.

The need to buy OEM licenses with hardware was something phased out with Windows 2000.
For some reason a lot of people thought it was still the case with WinXP as well - it wasn't.
XP's OEM license is almost the same as Vista's with the license being tied to the first machine it is installed on.

If people choose to ignore that license and if they manage to get their OEM Vista activated on to a new machine in the future, well that is their call/luck but license legally it cannot be moved.