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17th August 1999, 17:28
Hey guys, here again to ask stupid questions. I just put together my rig for a brand new G400 MAX, which hasn't come yet, and everything works great except one thing. Every once in awhile, at the initial boot, the computer will make a long beep, followed by 3 short beeps. I noticed that the monitor doesn't come one, so I'm assuming it's a warning about my card.

Right now I've got an old STB Velocity 128 Ver. 1.81 in the AGP slot tagged along with a CL 3D Blaster Voodoo2. Once I get things running by reseting the computer, everythings works great! I'm just curious to know if those beeps really mean a big problem.


17th August 1999, 22:21
You are right, it means that there is a problem in graphics adapter.
Check the lookup order if it's PCI/AGP or AGP/PCI from BIOS, and set it right if it isn't. That's all I can say to help.
Or, there can be very easily some human/dog hair in the slot (no joke).


Chris H
18th August 1999, 01:39
Make sure the AGP card is correctly seated, i.e pushed fully in. If it is slightly out of the slot you will be greeted by the bleeps on startup.

18th August 1999, 16:23
Thanks, you don't think that my STB Velocity 128 is too old, do you? I know some people were talking about setting AGP appatures (sp?) on the CMOS. I noticed mine is set at 64megs. Probably doesn't make that much of a difference since the card is only 4megs.


19th August 1999, 03:16
Here's the scary part to throw you a little bit of worry...

ABIT has recalled the first batch of BE6's due to problems with, among other things, voltage regulation to the AGP slot. Grr...

- Slarty nee Ash, who wondered why his BE6 didn't work and returned it before finding out.

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