View Full Version : Have you seen the ABIT BP6?!?!

16th August 1999, 05:48
Looks awesome, can't wait for some reviews. Think about it, dual Celery 300A's at 504MHz! Now, it's time to buy a MAX.


16th August 1999, 06:00
Look around the Web a little. There have been tons of reviews on it.


16th August 1999, 06:42
My friend has one. It has been a really good board so far. It is a bit tricky getting the UDMA 6 to work, but otherwise it is pretty solid. And all this coming from a staunch ASUS user too.


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16th August 1999, 07:02
Thanks guys, should have looked first. But I am glad to hear first hand. Now where can I safely sell my AX6BC and Slot 1 300A that runs at 464MHz at default voltage? E-bay? Any thoughts on where and a fair price. I was thinking around $120 for both.

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