View Full Version : Anyone know where I can buy a G400Max Now????

Ken D
14th August 1999, 08:38
I just talked to my dealer, and he said that he can ship me a G400 32 meg. But that is not my style!!! I need the fastest out there, call me greedy or self centered, but when I buy, I buy the best or nothing at all... Luckily (Best Buy) let me buy the TNT2 Ultra, and give me a 1 month grace period to get my money back. Well, I will only keep it if they never ship any more G400's. I doubt that will happen. The guys at Best Buy are so nice to let me beta test there TNT2 Ultra until my G400 arrives. hehehhehe...

16th August 1999, 00:04
I would like to know where I can get a MAX too. If you find a place please tell me.


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