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3rd August 1999, 10:52
I have Asus TVR-3800 with the riva tnt2
and my problem is that my computer
crashes when I'm playing 3d accelerated
games. I have tested it on Half Life, Turok 2, Extreme G2 and Pretzel Pete. And all of them crash when I've been playing for a while. I got an 8cm (about 3 inch) cooler that is placed under the card on the card slot, but it didn't help. Should I just return the card and maybe get another one
of the same kind or some other graphics card.


M Ragsdale
3rd August 1999, 11:08
What kind of motherboard, devices, operating system, etc. do you have?


3rd August 1999, 11:22
What kind of crash? Just freeze, or back to windows, or do things look strange before a lockup?
Have you tried playing with the case off?


503+ rev 1.2a, 128MB PC100 RAM, K6-2/350@400,RH6 & Win98,G200 Millenium (SGRAM), no plans to buy a G400

4th August 1999, 09:26
i have the ASUS P5a motherboard.
Oh well, i got this problem fixed.
I called the store I bought it from
and they said:
1) Update your drivers.
and then i downloaded the drivers from
nVidia (instead of ASUS)
2) Add Cooling
So I bought a cooler that is placed
under the graphics card.
3) Take the "AGP Turbo mode" off from BIOS
And I disabled that.

After that my computer worked, but my
Win 98 crashed and I had to fdisk the
whole damn disk and reinstall everything
and I even lost all my work. My Windows
went totally strange, I couldn't open
any program. Well here I am, downloading and installing my programs again.

Shit Happens.

9th August 1999, 08:37
yes... I had lots of problems with RIVA 128 & TNT,TNT2 cards...first U must upgrade your
TNT2 card to latest bios , then U should first install the Nvidia DETONATOR drivers latest ofcourse... be aware when reinstaling WIN95 mabe WIN98, U could see a BLACK screan & no WINDOWS if this aparse..reboot in safe mode go to display PROP. there u will se under REFRESH rate :UNKNOWN...SET 75Hz and boot to WIN95/98 again then install the latest Nvidia drivers after that u can install ASUS drivers & get the driver utilites working

watch for NEW drivers & upgrade your card when ewer U can.. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif


12th August 1999, 19:24
Slightly off-topic... but do you see a window on your TV-screen if you want to watch a DVD using the card's TV-out?