View Full Version : ATTENTION!!!! New BIOS's for P3B-F and P2B-F mobo's.

3rd August 1999, 00:29
Go here to grab them:



PIII 540 (120 MHz x 4.5 - 540), 256 MB PC133 SDRAM, ASUS P3B-F, Winblows 98 SuckyEdition, 18 GB WD Expert HDD, Encore 6x DVD w/ Dxr3 decoder, (TEMPORARY!!!) Voodoo 3 2000 @ 175 MHz which will be replaced by a Matrox G400 MAX, Sound Blaster Live! full retail, MAG DX715T 17

5th August 1999, 05:30
What are the advantages to the new bios? "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"


Asus P2B-F, 532MHZ Pentium II (4x133 at 2.4v), Global Win VEK12 hs/fan, 128MB Micron PC133, WD 7200RPM 18Gig, SB AWE 32, Creative DVD 2x, Mitsumi CDR 2x/8x, Sony Trinitron 17", Old Matrox Video Card, and a redhead with a pair of 36Cs (O/Ced to 38Cs)

6th August 1999, 00:00
P3B-F BIOS Ver. 1003. 08/02/99

Fix Creative® Sound Blaster card latch up in suspend mode.
Modify CPU temperature CMOS item help string.
Add USB Keyboard Error Recovery mechanism.
Support Z100IDE ZIP (ATA interface).
Fix LPT will be shown as an ECP in PNP node.
Support booting from a BEV (Bootstrap Entry Vector) device.
Support Intel PIII-600MHz CPU.

P2B BIOS Ver. 1009. 05/10/99
Microcode update for Intel Pentium® III 550 CPU upgraded to revision 005.
Fix for serial port failure running Windows 2000.
Added keyboard wakeup item with three choices of key combinations for models with W977 I/O chip.
Fix for CPU clock detection error when speed > 512MHz.
Upgraded L2 cache reference code to Revision 3.4.
Added microcode update support for PIII C0 stepping. (550MHz part)

6th August 1999, 13:53
There is a Beta BIOS on the German site-1003f2-I got a reply from Asus saying that it would fix my ACPI problems once and for all. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!
I had just reinstalled back to APM with the 1003 Bios-will now try the Beta Bios. Wish me luck.
ACPI-Another Conspiracy Promoting Insanity

12th August 1999, 10:11
I think you can get the latest bios always from german ASUS FTP-Site (Now running 1011beta1).
If you want to get a bios use this link
<a href="ftp.asuscom.de/pub/ASUSCOM/BIOS/Slot_I/INTEL_Chipset/i440BX">German ASUS FTP</a>
I've seen something mysterious here, they have made 2 different betas to one final version. I have forgotten the exact version numbers but I think they made the 1009beta3 to the first 1009 final then some days/weeks later they've made the 1009beta6 final. Therefore I recommend to get your bios from the above site.