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6th August 1999, 02:53
Has anybody tried this program?In my never
ending quest to find an easy way to get more
mileage out of my p2450 and 440bx chipset I
found this website.I wonder if this program might work for me.I've heard that other similar programs could only increase the bus speed to 80. This one looks like it can go to 133.


6th August 1999, 03:45
Yes, Maggi has tried it, but he's still on vacation for the next week. Ask again in a week's time, I'd guess.. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif

6th August 1999, 03:51
Hey suferpop,

Your still trying to beef up your Dell system. I tried Soft FSB but it didn't support the SE440BX motherboard that we have in our systems...Bummer!!

I finally took the plunge and bought a new case, an ABIT BX6 rev2 and a SB Live value sound card and built a new system. I used the drives from my Dell system. All that cost about $300.00 not including the P3-450 that I had already put in the Dell system.


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and a (Very Messy Desk) ;-P

6th August 1999, 03:55
Should we tell him how we put that P3-450 in your Dell system, Pauly?? http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

6th August 1999, 03:59
Was that when I used the Hammer???


6th August 1999, 09:04
I tried it last week and it worked great. Used it to test my Seimens pc100 and my sons new NEC pc100(he was worried that the NEC wasnt true pc100). I was quite happy that my Seimens was capable of 124Mhz cas2. It is the only piece of my system that beats my sons. I never thought that I'd be in competition with my own kid, but it felt good to see him beg to trade ram.

6th August 1999, 16:51
Hi Paul,
I expected as much...they sure make it difficult for us dell owners.
I've been thinking about doing what
you've done(your system is looking verrry nice) now all I've got to do
is find the time, energy and maybe
a little help.

Lee KC
7th August 1999, 13:01
Siemen's memory has always been good http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

8th August 1999, 12:44
Before upping the voltage on my processor, the only way my comp would run stable at 124MHZ FSB was by using softFSB. It is a great utility if your mobo supports it. Of course, now I'm running at a 133MHZ FSB (jumpered), so I don't use softFSB.


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