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2nd August 1999, 03:44
This late fall I'll be upgrading my system. I want to add a CDR-/RW but I want to have my HDDs optimized for performance over burner performance. I don't mind waiting a little longer so long as it is stable. So far it looks like:

P. Master: 18GB EIDE WD 7200 RPM ATA66.(One of the partitions is an empty 1GB for burning).

P. Slave: Ricoh EIDE MP 7060 6x/4x/24x

S. Master:10 GB EIDE Maxtor 7200 RPM ATA-33. First partition is for swap file only (w/an empty 1GB partition for burning)

S. Slave 10X Pioneer EIDE DVD-ROM.

The burner fans say keep the non-HDDs on a separate channel and the HDD gurus say make your HDDs masters on both channels (multi-tasking) and put swap file in its own first partition on S. Master.
Since burning is only occasional, I don't want to slow my computer to accommodate it.
Any thoughts? BTW, this would likely be on an Asus Camino board with a P3 600 and 256MB of whatever RAM type is required.

Any help would be appreciated.

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2nd August 1999, 10:01
I agree with Jammrock. I believe in keeping the fastest devices together. I've heard (though I'm not positive), that the IDE channel will default to the lowest common speed, so teaming a HD with a CD-ROM drive (at least a non UDMA one), will slow down the HD.
Do I know what I'm talking about? Admittedly not sure on this one, but it's what I'd do.

Good luck,

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2nd August 1999, 16:17
P. Master: 18GB EIDE WD 7200 RPM ATA66.(One of the partitions is an empty 1GB for burning).

P. Slave: 10 GB EIDE Maxtor 7200 RPM ATA-33. First partition is for swap file only (w/an empty 1GB partition for burning)

S. Master: Ricoh EIDE MP 7060 6x/4x/24x

S. Slave: 10X Pioneer EIDE DVD-ROM

IMHO this is the best configuration, of course, you ask 10 people you get 10 answers. The UDMA 33 channel should be able to handle both HDD's with no slow down. Since the CPU can only actually do 1 thing at a time (multitasking just means that it switches tasks according to priority...the bus and IRQ design of Intel's x86 standard prohibit 2 things happening at once) there is no real reason to put the HDD's on seperate channels. This configuration is the more 'traditional' style.


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3rd August 1999, 00:40
well here's what i did, i looked around and had almost enough parts to put together a whole nother box. i got a 45.00 case and slaped my memorex burnewr in a amd k6 200 with 64 meg ram an old 2.1 gig western hard drive a memorex 40x cd drive as a reader. 1 hard drive is master burner is secondary master and reader drive is primary slave. (ya i finaly found a use for a s3 virege gx/2 video card.) any thing over a 486 dx66 will make a good burning rig. and you dont have to worry about all those drives slowing down your gameing rig. look around you could probibly find a real cheap basic machine (even a used system for around 100.00 or 200.00 that would make a good rig. (if you work in a big company you may even be able to pick up an old system that they are tossing out.

i have put together many lowend systems for friends useing parts salvaged from old junk systems that were being tossed, 4 64 meg 72 pin simms pentium cpus ect.... (older monitors)

anyway that is one way to go set up a system for burning its much easyer and not that costly. be sides this way you can copy games i mean make cd's http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif and not have to sit around waiting for it to finish burning (it is not recomended to do anything else while you are copying cd's or the copy messes up badly. (you will also find that you will burn more cd's than youn think.))))

i don't know what im going to bitch about now that the avp patch is out.
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3rd August 1999, 10:28
Thanks to all for the responses. Looks like I got carried away with where the HDDs should be.
I was told that the best place for the swap file to be was in its own partition located as the first one on a HDD which was master on the second channel. That likely is true but in my case, putting it on primary slave in Jammrock's suggested config is probably good enough. With 256MB of memory I rarely see much of a "swap file in use" with sysmon. I see ~40MB "in use" when I load a 32MB or so soundfont onto my Live but my HDDs stay quiet. No thrashing - whatever I do.

Merchant2, I don't think I'll be doing enough burning for that. I usually trade my old stuff up.

Wombat, I don't think one device will slow down another just by its presence in the chain. Makes sense that active ones would though.

On that point, whether I install the above to a Camino (ATA-66 support) or not, I was thinking of using Ultracable's 18" or< ATA-66 40/80 IDE cables for these devices. They aren't an expensive item and although they may or may not do any good, would you think they could possibly do harm?

4th August 1999, 09:45
i do use ultra cable. and even on my udma33 drive it makes a difrece. i no longer have the original comparison before and after numbers. but i was not able to activate the dma funtion of my equipment with my old cables and mother board. fic pa2013 rev2 and amd k6-2 350 with out vxd errors until i installed one of these cables. i also noticed a small increase in app. performance.

so useing these cables for me made the system more stable and improved system speed slightly.

about time i change this, i spend about 4 hours a day reading the posts on this site and get paid to do it ,now isin't that a great job? oh you want pain how about this halflife works on the nt machine at work but as soon as you patch it to the latest version it dies a horible winblows nt4 death of dll errors.

5th August 1999, 14:22
It would almost be worth it to get a cheap adaptec scsi card (2920 pci is pretty good and not much $) and get a scsi burner. If you're not going to do much burning, it's probably overkill, but you'd definitely make fewer coasters http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

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