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28th July 1999, 00:59
First, excuse me for my English.

Second, excuse me, because I have not a Matrox grathic card, "only" an ATI Rage Fury.

Who can say me, what is the problem, when the games with DirectX and/or Direct3D support freeze after few seconds of gaming?

Please, write me, what is the correct setting in BIOS (FIC VA 503+ rev 1.1a) for correct AGP support, which version of VIA drivers are best for correct AGP 2x support, what is the order of drivers installation?

I tryed (IMHO) everything, i.e. reinstalled the PC, changed the CPU setting from 3x112 to 3x100 MHz, changed all drivers for VIA and ATI, reinstall DirectX 6.1, but the games are still freeze. But only the games!!! The simply 2D applications are working perfect (in all resolution and all color depth).

What is the solution?

Thank You.

AMD K6-2 300@333 (3x112), 64 MB PC100 RAM, ATI Rage Fury 32 MB w/TV Out, 4 GB WD HDD, 17GB Maxtor HDD

Steve C
28th July 1999, 02:22
Hi Alex,
The best way to install the VIA drivers is to download their all-in-one driver updater. Just run it, and it will update all required drivers.
I don't have a FIC ss7 mobo, so I can't help there. But what I have found out over the last couple of days is that I installed a Rage Fury, and it keeps overheating! Take the lid off your PC, and try again.


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28th July 1999, 03:02
I tried the latest all-in one driver for VIA from 7/20/99, but the problem was not solved.

I repeat: all works perfectlyin simple 2D applications. The problem is only with Direct3D.


28th July 1999, 03:19
Do you have any IRQ conflicts? The video card will tax the bus much more in 3D than 2D, and that's when such conflicts become evident.
In your BIOS, you should probably turn off Read Around Write and Write Cache Pipeline.
Also, try to go for AGP 1x, instead of 2x. It's much more stable for some systems, and I sincerely doubt you will notice a difference between the two.
Disable AGP 2X in the BIOS, and install the VIA AGP driver in normal mode instead of turbo mode.

Good luck,

503+ rev 1.2a, 128MB PC100 RAM, K6-2/350@400,RH6 & Win98,G200 Millenium (SGRAM), no plans to buy a G400

28th July 1999, 03:20
You do have an IRQ reserved for VGA in your BIOS, right? There's an option for that somewhere, and sometimes (depending on BIOS version) it defaults to "off".


28th July 1999, 21:20
Thank You, Guys. the problem was in BIOS setting:
I turned off Read Around Write and Write Cache Pipeline, and finally the card works corretly without hanging in 3D mode!

I dont changed the AGP 2x to 1x, work fine with 2x AGP.

Thank You once more.



31st July 1999, 13:10
Sim City 3000 still locks up after about an hour and I've tried all the solutions above. Mechwarrior 3 also crashes occasionally as well. I'm not sure Direct X 6.0 or 6.1 are fully compatible with SS7 and the G200 4.26 drivers I still use. These are the only two games that give me problems. Everything else works fine. I know I need to upgrade my G200 drivers and now that I've upgraded the G200 bios to 2.3, the newer drivers should work. the 4.26 ar ethe only ones that worked with the older 1.6 bios.


FIC503+1.2a,bios115je33;AMD K6-2/350;128MB PC100;Myst G200,bios2.3,drivers4.26;Win98;no OC

1st August 1999, 03:01

You may have heat problems. The K6-2 and G-200 both produce alot of heat. Remove the cover and if works O.K. you have found your problem.

If its heat add a case fan.

Mike H.

2nd August 1999, 11:41
Thanks for the idea, but I don't think heat is the problem. That was one of my first guesses about the problem. When the games fail, I can do a restart without turning the machine off and everything works again. If it was heat, I would think a restart would not be effective.

But I will keep a look out for heat, because there have been times when I couldn't get it to restart at all, but turning it off for a couple of hours fixed the problem.

Its not that serious, but it is annoying. So for now, I just live with it.

Thanks again