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21st December 2006, 06:14
I promised pics, so here they are (I also like to brag about my nice new hardware - it's been quite a while since I've bought anything nice) :)

My Desk:

The Tecra M7:

I love how the stylus is stored in it :)

Installing RAM was a little adventure for me, I've never had a laptop before. First, I had to remove the keyboard:

Then I had to remove this protective plate:

Finally, I could take out the old RAM...

...and install the new modules:

21st December 2006, 06:15
Now, onto the squeezebox!

Boring front picture (the picture's boring, not the Squeezebox!):

A more dramatic pic of the front:

Aand the backside in all its glore, complete with lotsa ports, imprinted Slim Devices label, and reflection of remote:

The SB was designed in Mountain View, btw, by a guy who also did design for Apple once, and I think the plastic used is similar to Apple's. It doesn't feel or look cheap at all (well, it wasn't, so it shouldn't, but it's nice that it really doesn't. Y'know.)

21st December 2006, 07:17
Whats the deal with the squeezebox? I looked at the website and I'm guessing it shares Music from your PC to other devices? If I got one could I hook it up to my AV unit and play music off my PC with it?

21st December 2006, 07:49
Very nice toys there Az!
But what the heck is that black box thingy with the red led of 13 and 14 in the first pic.
And only 60 songs, I'm disappointed :p

21st December 2006, 08:15
GT98: The Squeezebox is a network mp3 (Ogg/FLAC and a few other formats are also supported, IIRC) player; it connects to your computer (or certain NASes with the right software installed) via LAN or secure WLAN and has audio, headphone, and electrical and optical S/PDIF outs (and supposedly very good audio quality with Burr Brown DACs etc.). It can also act as a WLAN bridge for wired LAN devices, and with a little additional hardware can control your other AV devices. It can also display stuff like RSS feeds etc. on its display with the right software.

As an mp3 player, it's about as easy to use and as well organized as an iPod, provided your music is tagged properly. The server software is unnoticeable and open source, available for Win/Mac/Linux and one or two NAS devices.

Yes, it is a bit pointless standing directly next to the computer at the moment, but I plan on moving soonish, and then the Squeezebox will be in the living room.

RhinoZ: Thank you :) I do of course have more tracks, that was just the current playlist. At the moment my collection has 3027 tracks, ever growing.

That black box thingy is an alarm clock :)

21st December 2006, 10:42
Simple question... I know it is possible to use the Squeezebox as a wifi bridge (connect the Squeezebox via wifi to your home network; connect another device via utp, and it will act as a bridge to put this other device in network as well).

But can you do it the other way around (connect the Squeezebox via utp to your network, and have it bridge a device that connects via wifi with it) ?

(I would have thought you'd have gone for the Transporter... :p)


21st December 2006, 13:45
What's the graphics adapter in your tablet?

21st December 2006, 14:58
VJ, I think that would work, seeing as there is an ethernet-only Squeezebox.

Zokes, it's just intel integrated graphics, I didn't go for the nVidia Quadro version. I don't plan on playing many games on this thing, just a session of old-school Master of Orion II now and then.

21st December 2006, 15:04
Very nice Az.

21st December 2006, 23:06
@az: That's ok, I don't play games on my laptop either, it can get expensive to go gaming on a laptop, depending on what you want. Btw, very nice work area you've got there. Quite stylish.